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DEADLINE to sign up: Before 11:59pm EST on 11/25


Is this only open to US residents?

Not at all! When you complete the Sign Up Form, it will ask if you are open to an international Secret Santa partner or if you’d prefer to only have someone within your same country. Depending on who participates, we will know the final results when the signup closes on 11/25 on whether or not you have a match. Regardless of your answer, we will make every effort to pair you up FIRST with someone local to your country for shipping purposes. 

Can we send digital gifts?

No. In the spirit of giving and receiving a physical gift, we are asking that everyone put something into a box and mail it out to their Secret Santa person. 

How much should we spend $$?

We’re suggesting that everyone spend up to or around $25. And that does NOT include shipping. Your shipping costs are extra and should not be included in the $25 total spend for your Secret Santa.


Secret Santa Participant Confirmation List [as of 9-15-2019]

  1. Lisa USA
  2. Courtny USA
  3. Tamara USA
  4. Daniella USA
  5. Erainna USA
  6. Juli Green USA
  7. Rachelle Graves USA
  8. Ellen Worgan USA
  9. Ashley Presnell USA