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Note: There are significant typos in this – it was a computer generated transcript but we thought it would be helpful for those of you who did not have the time to watch a one-hour livestream but still wanted to catch up!

Courtny:                       00:00:05           Hi, how are you doing? How’s everyone doing? This is Lisa and I. You’re here for the cozy escaped book club where we’re going to talk about marigolds and murder by one did love it. As you can see, I have a lot to say about the last half, which I’m going to recap. And then Lisa’s gonna recap the first half.

Lisa:                             00:00:30           Yeah, that’s what we’re doing. And we’re also going to announced September’s buck at the end

Courtny:                       00:00:39           was super, super excited and we have a giveaway as well later in the stream. So make sure that you’re, you’re saying you’ve grabbed a cozy blanket, a cozy drink and you’re ready to talk some, some awesome, you know, murder mystery Nis. Um,

Lisa:                             00:00:57           cause there’s going to be a lot of fun. Yeah. So I did not make the recipe at the back. I cheated. I don’t know if anyone’s on Instagram stories. I made pumpkin chocolate chip bread from a box. You know what? That sounds just this tasty. Yeah, it was very good. In fact, it was so good. There’s no after picture because you know how it’s pretty when it comes out. I just started eating it and I was like, ah, oops. Yeah. Well he gets so excited and you’re just like, oh, okay. No, no, no, no. Gotta do this. Gotta do this. Cause it’s nice and warm when it comes out. Yes. No, that sounds amazing. I’m kind of jealous. So if you guys are watching on Courtney’s channel, which is awesome, just know that the, I made a cheat sheet for the characters because there are um, like 48 and so I know I had a hard time falling so I just made notes. If you want to try those, that’s it’s, it’s my handwriting so hopefully you can read them.

Courtny:                       00:01:54           So I’ve, we’ve got lot of people over here over on a youtube. We’ve got rainy day, she’s dipping in and out. She’s at backstage pluck practice for her show. Is that tens of people? Hi Guys.

Speaker 3:                    00:02:05           Okay.

Courtny:                       00:02:05           He’s seen everyone. The count is not working properly. What are you talking about? The sound is not working properly.

Lisa:                             00:02:15           Oh, can you guys hear us or we just have, we’ve been talking to ourselves. I mean

Lisa:                             00:02:20           possible. If I was just talking to ourselves like we can talk forever typing Moji if you guys are like hearing everything the way that you’re supposed to Edison, I can hear if you can’t hear because you’re on crowdcast. Um, you might try and flip over to my youtube channel where it’s live stream there. So you might be able to hear the sound better on there. It’s totally, it might work on the other, on the other channel. Okay, good. A lot of thumbs ups. A lot of people saying making here good. I’m glad I was on the loose. Says that it’s a little garbled. It’s static sounds with static sounds. Do we both sound like we have static or just one of us? Because sometimes you don’t, what happened to me before in the past, my lights sometimes will give off static. Like I have one that gives us static that I don’t turn on.

Lisa:                             00:03:18           We don’t know. Well, let me say hi to everyone. So Cheryl’s here, Emily’s here. Anna Jade, Danielle, Chris and Stroup. Uh, Barbara. Stacy, Ryan. Awesome. We have so many people. Emily.

Courtny:                       00:03:38           Let me see. Aaron just handed me his earphones ,

Courtny:                       00:03:44           oh, Cheryl just said all the livestreams you’ve done have had a bit of garble in them. Both on Youtube and here on both. Hm. I wonder how to fix that. Well, I don’t know. Both on, yes, both on youtube static. There is lists. Let me, I changed but to my, um, actual, uh, Webcam 1:00 AM do I still have garbled? The goodness is that I’m putting in my iPods to airpods too. Maybe that’s, Oh, Anna’s, that sounds fine to me. You look pixelated. Jane says you went worse when you changed. Oh, I’m worse now that I changed to my, uh, my video or my a Webcam. Yes. Still there. Oh, I see. Courtney’s face. Let me, yes, Courtney is still static. Well that’s rude. It’s so hard guys, cause we can’t hear the static sound perfect to each other. Yeah, I don’t hear it. That one works. Yeah, that sounds better. Now that you switched back. Okay. Yes. Courtney is worse for me now. I think screen looks weird. Okay. What about now? I’ve changed back to another, um, sound and does that work? Oh, I’m getting good nows. There’s no static. I’m getting goods. Is that better? Okay. So much better. Just Youtube. Lisa St. Just youtube. Okay. So do I sound staticky? Better now? Still not perfect.

Lisa:                             00:05:33           you know what’s really weird? The last time I listened back on our recording and it sounded okay to me. So I say because it’s five Oh six, uh, but still some static when you speak yes. Static to me from both. Yes. You both do a little, but I don’t mind. So Chris Anne says no static here. No, no, no. So I say, would you want it?

Lisa:                             00:05:59           Yeah, let’s just go on. I think, I think it’s okay sometimes with the streaming it’s like, honestly it takes a couple minutes where it to like, I guess even out or catch up.

Courtny:                       00:06:08           That was my technical term. I like it. Like, okay, let’s continue. And then if, um, we will try and work on this static issue later. Now Google all of the Google lists, um, to see what’s going on. But before we talk about the six questions that we posted both on Twitter and we posted on the Facebook group, if you’re not a part of the Facebook group or you’re not a part of our Twitter, um, we’ve been posting like quotes and we’ve been posting um, polls on like who do you like better dash or Briggs, like different things like that. Um, I want everybody to put their star rating in the comments. Give me some star rating. I want to see what we’re working with in the crowd. Like how’d you think about it? What’d you like about it? Don’t, I mean don’t tell me what you think would you like we’re going to talk about that, but give me star ratings for here. Ooh, I’m putting the parameters. Five is the most [inaudible] is the most. So like our good reads, one like from zero to five. What did you think? Let us know. Come on, give it to us. You can be honest yet. Be a hundred percent honest. That’s the thing here. One of the best things about a book club is the fact that it’s okay if you don’t agree on everything. It’s 100% fine if there’s something different because every person reads the book differently. So they bring, do something different to the, to the table.

Courtny:                       00:07:35           Barbara says four stars. Lisa says four stars. Cheryl says five. Brian says five. Jennifer says 3.5 to four. Anna says, one, two, three, four, five. Easily jade says for Danielle, for a Stacey, for four Yeah, we’ve got over here, Lou says four. Ellen says four. We’ve got uh, Christiana says four, 4.5 stars from Dana. Very nice. Very nice. That’s awesome. So like the writing, Vystar says Chris and very nice. So, um, I gave this a, uh, I believe the first time I read it, I gave it a four out of five stars between the second time I read it, I gave it a five out of five stars. That might be because I’ve also read the other 10 in this series. And so I know what it becomes and I think that I follow, I’ve like I fell re I resell in love with the characters. So this is like a biased rating. Yeah, a hundred minus rating. I know I gave it a four star four but it jumped up to five stars because I reread it.

Lisa:                             00:08:39           Okay, got it. I mean I would say I gave it probably, I think I’m alone in this. I gave it three stars for, I read it two and a half times. So I gave it three stars the first half because I think everyone, if you were an instructor or as I was like I had to stop and go back to the beginning and write all characters out and then I just tracked characters and then the second, no the third time then that I read it from beginning to end. I did like it and I gave it four stars cause then I was able to like know what was going on. Oh yeah, totally understandable. So before we dive deeper in, Lisa, do you want to recap the first half of the book for those who are not ready yet? So if you’re just coming in and you haven’t read it yet, here’s sort of like a recap of your coolest spoilers.

Lisa:                             00:09:21           So I have notes and I give you guys character notes too. But basically it is about Lacey, um, pink Pinkerton. So pink is like her nickname cause her last name is pink and she has two pets, Kingston who is a crow and Nevermore, which is a tabby cat. And she just moved to Port Tamby in Cape Cod, which is over on the east coast. She quit medical school because of her hyper asmio where she has like a really strong, uh, smelling Spence [inaudible]. Yeah. And so, and then she is, this was a little cliche, she did cla quit her job because her ex cheated on her and he owned the company. Uh, and then her mother, she does do like the typical, typical cozy where she’s on the phone with her mom and her mom’s always like, oh, you should’ve stayed with him because he’s rich or whatever, even though he cheated.

Lisa:                             00:10:10           Um, but you really don’t see her mom a lot. And then you meet a lot of characters. I’m going to tell you what to ignore, Lola LC, Hank Lester and dash you meet them, but they don’t really matter to the mystery and it’s a little different that they don’t help her solve the mystery. Like she doesn’t really have like a co-conspirator or helping her do to zany stuff. She mostly, if she’s trying to process information, she does a lot of internal dialogue, um, to get through the clue. So chapter three is the most important chapter cause in chapter three, that’s where you meet the victim. Uh, Beverly Kent, well, you don’t even meet her, she’s just mentioned. And then they mentioned that her high school sweetheart is Willie Jones. Now Willie Jones is married to Theresa Jones and she’s obviously, they mentioned that she’s, she’s turned in some jewelry. So this is important, right.

Lisa:                             00:10:57           And to a pawn shop and it is apparently some high school’s sweethearts, you know, class ring necklace that uh, Beverly used to wear. Now they don’t really tell us, did they tell us the age? I felt like they were like geriatric senior citizens, Willie and Teresa, that she was more along the lines of like getting in their 50s or late fifties, because the way they talked about like pinning penny hitting the girl, giving a girl a ring. That’s perfect for like the 1950s. Yeah. GRANDPA, grandma kind of era. Yeah. Yeah. Um, so then they talk about how she does a pumpkin contest and when I say she, it’s the victim, the one who’s killed. So Beverly has a contest and her main competitor is Virginia. So Virginia is somebody that you need to remember for later. And then they introduced in chapter four, the detective, which is detective Briggs, who’s pretty much like her partner when they’re solving everything.

Lisa:                             00:11:50           And he’s also introduced as a potential love interest, but they don’t explore that a lot. Um, then there is a random murder that they talk about, which was kind of, I don’t know, you can tell us if they talked about this later in the other books, but they just mentioned that there was a murder across the street that happened to over a hundred years ago. They don’t really saw that and they do chop it. And so you’re like [inaudible] mystery that I love. You’re like trying to figure it out throughout the series and it’s brilliant. All right, so you’re going to have to read the next 10 books to find out what happens there. Um, they introduced the mayor who doesn’t like hers, worried that there’s a crow inside of her flower shop. Um, I don’t think they mentioned, maybe they do later. Why she had the flower shop.

Lisa:                             00:12:33           Like she does want to be her own boss, like everybody else, but they don’t really mention like why a Photoshop instead of like chocolate or cupcakes or donuts or something. Um, okay, so this is a little odd. So in chapter 10, we finally find the dead body and the mail lady, our mail person I’m sure, which is c, finds the dead body and then Lacey just happens to be riding up on her bicycle. Uh, so this is a little odd because the mailman clearly are male, a woman, you know, lady, I keep saying that clearly found the body, but later on they’re always like, oh pink, you’re the one that found the body. But she didn’t find the poly. The mail lady did. Um, he, he uh, corrects a couple of people. She’s like, no, the mail lady like throughout the book like a little bit, she’ll be like, well, she found the body kind of thing.

Lisa:                             00:13:19           Yeah. But we never see the mail lady again. So you can just forget about her. Um, and then chapter seven and then all of a sudden we jumped to chapter 17, and this is really important because we meet the, we meet this guy named Kyle, I think his name is Kyle. And he’s the delivery truck guy for Darryl Featherston who owns a Featherston, like the garden company. And so he mentions, because she, when she, after she found the body pink just automatically goes into just Luth mode. She’s not like, oh, this is so sad. She’s just like, let me just kind of hunt around. And she found on Virginia who remember is, uh, the victim Beverly’s main competitor for the pumpkin contest. She found a packet of hybrid seeds. So she talks to Kyle, she asked Kyle if she knows anything about the hybrid seeds. And I only saw this when I read this, like the fourth time when I was making notes for this, is that Darrell mentions or not Darryl Kyle, the delivery boy mentions very quickly that yes, Darrell supposedly got a contract with a big seed company and that’s a big clue, but it’s mentioned really quick and brief.

Lisa:                             00:14:30           Yeah. So like she drops red hearings and she drops a little clues that had you, um, had you really been paying attention you would’ve picked up on. Uh, but sometimes that’s that that’s the trait of a, of a cozy or a mystery, right? Like you have to be, you have to be saluting to yourself. So then I went through

Courtny:                       00:14:51           and just put some notes on chapters one through or a 18 through 37, chapter 18. It’s mostly about how pink visits Lola and tells her about the body and how she needs to, you know, she, she remembered some things that she needs to go tell detective Briggs and Lola’s like, oh, detective Briggs, hey, like that the only reason why you’re going to go talk to him. And then it goes on to, sorry. He goes on to talking about how pink asks, uh, Taylor about, um, working for, um, Bev Taylor was the, um, the diner woman’s one of her twin sons. And so she’s like trying to get in any more information. Like, did you see anything? Did you hear anything kind of thing. Um, but it seemed like he was just too much into his own little world. Um, that’s where I got a lot of my quotes from this chapter whenever they talked about, whenever you go on Twitter, I talk about, uh, the dating app that, um, Lola decided to be a part of, which I didn’t know how to feel about Lola throughout the book.

Courtny:                       00:16:03           I didn’t know if she was too childish or kind of like, I dunno, she was written pretty young. So we can put a pin in that and we could talk about what we thought about Lola throughout the book. Um, cause I know how she is throughout the rest of the series. But I wanted to see what you guys thought on your first we find in chapter 20 that Bev dies from a blow to the head. Um, and that, uh, we find out a little bit more about the Hawksworth murders. Mr. Briggs, detective Briggs just kind of tries to uh, make pink go into the murders a little bit. He’s trying to like shy her away from the actual murder that just happened. And he’s like, Hey, you should go and research. That question’s harder than him. So in the fourth time of rereading that to notice, she pink is the one that actually brought it up.

Courtny:                       00:16:51           And then all of a sudden in the conversation he, she’s like, he’s like, yeah. He’s like, well I guess you could go to the library. And she’s like, oh, are you trying to throw me off the case? And I was like, hmm, you’re the one that mentioned that lady. So like ins with, uh, she’s like, what did she say? Um, uh, now I’ve got to mysteries to solve and I do love a good mystery. I was just about to go out the door when it occurred to me. I had been had I turned back to basin and that’s exactly what you were hoping for, wasn’t it detective braids. And I was like, all right then. Yeah, no, I can totally see that. And I even put on my little note the growth of Briggs and pink with a little heart next to it because I shipped Briggs and pink, I don’t ship dash and pink.

Courtny:                       00:17:37           So, um, pink’s curiosity, uh, leads her to the seed shop, the Featherston seed shop where he’s doing all of those different things and she realizes that uh, her and, um, Briggs are sort of on the same step on who they think are doing it because she starts sort of like popping up where he’s popping up interviewing witnesses. And that cracked me up. Like when she knocked over the, the little rake. Um, whenever she’s trying to like, like listen to their conversation, it cracks me up, her trying to hide. And that was at the, uh, that was at the green acres farm. So there were a lot of places that you sort of had to memorize or try and remember throughout this. Um, jade, I love those things too. And when he saw her riding her bike down the road beforehand, oh my God, yes. No, it cracked me up.

Courtny:                       00:18:34           She was like trying to like ride her bike really, really fast cause she thinks she’s being stalked and he’s just like, what did you do in why you go in there? And it was just, uh, so then she followed him to feather tins where they’re doing the, um, the, the hybrid seed stuff and she finds that he’s going like straight into the, uh, the, the place and she goes around the back to the nursery and she runs to Darrell feather or Featherston and she sees that he’s got scrapes on his arms and that he’s just a little bit too busy. And that she learns more about like the nursery and how he does the hybrid kind of things. And she notices little things and smells, little things like she saw a stain on his leg and her, her, um, heightened sense of smell, the, she realizes that it’s Pumpkin, but he has no pumpkin’s anywhere near around his nursery, which I thought when I thought was really, really good, uh, chapter 24 we’re getting into how we learned that Bev was at the, um, the diner before and maybe that’s how she got up on her shirt.

Courtny:                       00:19:43           Maybe that’s how I’m, this is where I wrote feather teen was shady. Like the way he was, like the questions and stuff. I was like [inaudible] not okay because like his sharp reaction to, oh, this is just a cut that I got from this. And he seemed really, really defensive. Um, I love Briggs being, I wrote brace being salty at pink heart. He’s all mad because she’s like popping up everywhere. He’s popping up. But you can see that he’s starting to like really like her because he’s starting to, throughout the next couple of chapters, he’ll like stop and give her a little bit of a hint of like, what’s going on? He’s like, Hey, we found out that Bev was actually hitting the head. And then she’s like, well, I can go to the farm with you. And then she finds the blood on the post in the farm and like figures that out.

Courtny:                       00:20:32           Um, we, I really feel like chapter 25 I was iffy about because it just talked about her mom. Um, I feel like her mom’s very nosy and I kinda want to flip her in the nose and she’s not as like nice as she should be. Um, but then we talk about, we get into another person added to the story, which is Kate Yardley, which she pops up more in the series, but I want to know what you guys think about Kate and like her, uh, like, oh, are you sure you’re not as size, blah, blah, blah. And she’s like, no, I’m the size of this. And it was just, I did not like that cattiness is rude. Um, we’ve got Teresa being assessed, backed with, which is the, um, the wife of the man at the beginning of the book who dropped off all of his things at Lola’s shop and he left his ring in there and he was going to give the class ring to Bev.

Courtny:                       00:21:24           And so that’s when, uh, Theresa starts to become a suspect, a red herring, if you will, because she seemed extra peppy and hype and happy that Bev was dead. And so it makes you go, hmm, what’s that about? So we go into that history, we fast forward and we find out that, um, Featherston really likes the catch up at the diner and how he’s really messy with it. And so that pink’s sort of like, oh, I wonder what’s happening there. And she starts diving deeper and she learns even more about the, um, the deal that he had made with that company. That is his prize. Pumpkin wins the contest. Then he will get a woofy and a very lucrative contract with the company, but his wasn’t winning against beds. And so there is the, uh, the little light bulb going off going, Huh, he’s the one that could win the most out of this cause it’s always follow the money.

Courtny:                       00:22:29           Um, then we see that there’s another red hearing when Lacey goes and visits the mayor and tries to get some information about the mayor and she’s like going through his secretary’s files and sees that, um, Virginia already won. Or was it Virginia already won the Pumpkin contest. Right. And so she was like, it was, it was rigged. And so that throws you off a little bit more, but then you start really realizing that the pumpkin really would not have smashed on Bev’s head. Then Lacey bumped into feather 10 again and she really makes the connection and, um, they learn about, uh, just everything that Featherston was going to lose had that, uh, pumpkin contest not been done. We get to chapter 36, which is confronting the killer, which was Featherston. And, um, I love the very last sentence of the book. It’s, it’s uh, brave saying, you know, I get the feeling life around Fort Danby is going, is not going to be the same. Now that Lacey Pink Pinkerton has moved to town and then that’s the end of marigolds and murder. So I mean it was a, in one small little book that was only 167 pages, that’s half the size of a normal, cozy mystery. So yeah. What did you guys think? We’ve got some questions. The first one was like, what is your rotten tomato score for this book?

Courtny:                       00:24:07           I see a lot of people say that they loved how quick it was, how impressed they were with how well it was done. I mean, it was pretty awesome with, uh, how much was able to be done in nash short amount of time.

Speaker 3:                    00:24:22           [inaudible]

Courtny:                       00:24:24           I’m going through from here. That came up while you’re talking. Yeah, a lot came up. So like, I’m trying to go back. A lot of people love Briggs and paint. Uh, thank you for the tab hero thing. Yep. I love my tabs. Um, did you guys automatically know that it was going to be a Daryl?

Lisa:                             00:24:46           Okay. Thank you. Could have, so Darryl wasn’t even introduced until chapter 15 or something. So it was, it was a while. Yeah. So I don’t think you could’ve done,

Courtny:                       00:25:00           I like how, yeah. 13 Years Theresa to the Richard Lord of the series. So if you read the, uh, the big shot mystery series by Ellie Alexander, Richard Lord is like this guy that you just hate. You want to punch him in the face every time you come in contact with him. Um, I can see how to reason it might’ve been that person.

Speaker 3:                    00:25:22           Awesome.

Courtny:                       00:25:26           Let’s see. The story with extremely well done for a shorter cozy is let links this says,

Speaker 3:                    00:25:31           um, yeah. [inaudible]

Lisa:                             00:25:35           oh, I love those scenes too. And when you saw her riding her bike down the road before him, do we know, does she ever explain that? Like why not use the car? Is she like a really strong environmentalist? Um, it’s not as

Courtny:                       00:25:48           strong. Environmentalist. She just wanted to save money because she left the big town to create her own, uh, her own shop and everything. And since she lived so close to where it was, she decided the exercise and everything like that was, was good for her.

Lisa:                             00:26:06           Okay. Yeah. At one point I remember she was like, I was on the highway and then I was like, cars were swishing by. I was like, yeah, it’s a highway.

Courtny:                       00:26:14           Well, like a highway in a small town compared to a highway, like a big city. Totally different. But yeah, she only uses the her car for whenever there’s cold weather that she prefers to shoot first to ride her bike bike. Yeah.

Speaker 3:                    00:26:30           Um,

Courtny:                       00:26:31           so what did you guys love most about this book? I’m, I’m thinking about creating a video where, uh, I talk about it, kindle sort of short cozies regular cozies which do people like more because these ones you can go through really, really, really quick. I mean, they’re 167 pages half the time. Like what did you love most about this shorter type of cozy? What did you like about at least, so what was your day? Did you, do you like to go regular sites posies more or do you prefer something like this that like Agatha frost lends in Lovett kind of size? Honestly, I don’t have a preference. I just like a really good story. So if you want to do short because as an author you like that, that’s awesome. Or if you want to do long, that’s great too. Yeah, no, I agree. I liked that.

Courtny:                       00:27:24           I liked the fact that if I feel like I’m getting into a reading slum, I am more about reading these smaller ones because I feel like I’ve like achieved more in my day because then I finish it in like four hours. Um, Danielle says that there was no fluff filler, which I liked. Like it was very like succinct, but it wasn’t like so bare that you couldn’t visualize everything. Shade. My favorite two things where her super nose and her crow, each thing was so unusual. I also like seeing your relationship with Briggs developed. Yeah, the crow was cool. Like I’ve never seen anyone with a pet crow, so that had a lot over here on youtube. The Cro pet, not going to lie. It made Natalie extremely happy. Um, they hit, I love how blue sapphires as I’m watching you discuss a cozy while reading a completely different cozy that is fans out there.

Courtny:                       00:28:17           Dana’s favorite part was the chemistry between Briggs and pink. It gets better. Continue to read. Um, she like a, Julie Liked Briggs and pink together. Lusa she was grateful that it was short because she just started it last night. Yeah, that’s good too. That’s helpful. Yeah, 100%. And then I love what Laura says. She says that the bike reminded her of Jessica Fletcher hundred percent. I totally forgot that she would ride around on a bicycle. She was 100% Rodeo people that yes, no, Jessica Fletcher, you’ve got to love Jessica. Fred Fletcher a hundred percent too. We still think Jessica Fletcher would have done that if she had Uber. She was, she looked so quaff on her little bike. I loved it. Uh, Barbara says definitely the banter between Briggs and Lacey. She also liked that it kind of kept her guessing who the murderer was. 100%. I actually just finished double trouble, which is written by Lendon Lovett and it’s her firefly junction series.

Courtny:                       00:29:21           And actually Lacey makes an appearance in that book, but I am not joking. I messaged from London and I go, I didn’t guess the who done it until I was 93% done with the book. I finally got to 93% and I was like, no way. She didn’t. And then I finally read it and I was like, I have to message her right now. And I messaged her, I was like, you blew my mind. She goes, yeah, it was so good. It was so good. Loved it. Uh, Danielle, Jessica Fletcher, that little busy body. Yes. Right Ryan. It was good shirt and it was filled with good things. I like Lacey and her sense of smell. Um, coffee on Youtube said she would use Uber if it was bad, a climate weather, but I think she’s still with her by, I guess her main mode of transportation. I agree. Yeah. Cool. So I used to live in Chicago where people just ride their bikes year round. I think it’s very brave. And whenever Aaron and I were in Japan, they had whole entire parking lots. Just four fights. Yes. Isn’t it crazy? They don’t lock them up? No, they do not lock them. Nobody steals. No, it’s not. It was amazing, but that’s one of the, I that was the first time I had ever, ever seen, um, just a whole like partying, just, it was amazing. And it was all over Japan.

Speaker 4:                    00:30:50           Okay.

Courtny:                       00:30:50           All right. So we’ve got question number three. Who was your favorite character? Hands down your absolute favorite character. Let me see. Who was your favorite character and who l who was your least favorite character? Let’s do both. So we’ve got lacy as your favorite character for Ryan. Um, what else? Let’s see. Let’s see. Lacey, a lot of people love Lacey. She’s just a likable character. Like she doesn’t have really an annoying quirk in her body. I don’t, well, at least for me, she doesn’t, I really, really liked it. Um, Anna said Briggs was her favorite and her least favorite was the mayor. Yeah, the mayor’s just abuse like that. I mean he didn’t really get a lot of this like page time though. So like you can just like get the domineering man. Like whenever he just like walked into her store like he owned it was just like, why do you have a career there?

Courtny:                       00:31:47           Like you automatically just have like an annoying view of her. He’s like, I looked you up. Why’d you leave like a six figure job to come over here to a small town? What’s wrong with you and be so mad. I was like, don’t try to understand. Hey jade hate the Mary Aaron, his secretary. Yes. Danielle. It’s none of his business. Exactly. It is none of things business. None. Absolutely none. Lou says hands down. Lacey is her fav, but she loves that her cat is named nevermore and she’s got a Lefkoe. I love that. Ho Like I love that Kingston is the cro but not names nevermore and that the cat’s name is evermore and that’s where I’m Po. Like it was just a cool little thing together. Well, even her last name, Pinkerton. That’s the old securitize. Yes. I, I love that. Uh, let’s see. Ellen says favorite is lacy Kingston or, and Lacy Kingston. Her least favorite was Kate. Yeah. Yeah. Um, the Kate just bothers me.

Lisa:                             00:32:58           Julie Pink and the mayor. Shane. Can I also say I love crow? The cat played no report. No real part. Yeah. The, you know, the chrome was doing some cool things. At first I thought maybe it was going to be trained where it could like sneak into places. Um, does it do that later in the series?

Courtny:                       00:33:17           Um, no, but he does sort of find clues through out, like he becomes, he has sort of a bigger part later in the, um, in the series. Yeah.

Lisa:                             00:33:29           Thinking of those like old carrier pigeons go so much to coordinate.

Courtny:                       00:33:35           Amazing. Cheryl says she thought that, um, Kingston was going to find the clue to the murder. Yeah. Because he was flying around while she went to go find the eggs for his breakfast and everything. I can totally see how that would be. Um, that would be a thing that you know on your mind, especially with cozy mysteries, they normally have a lot more, uh, roll when it comes into that. Yeah.

Lisa:                             00:34:00           Julie, I didn’t care for Kate either. Yeah, she, they made her very unlikable. Yes. I don’t know how she could sell anything though. She’s like fascinating. Everyone who comes in.

Courtny:                       00:34:09           No, I’m like that the idea of her shop sounds so cool. Like vintage clothes and things like that. Like I have a modcloth edition for like vintage, like embroidery cardigans. Like I’m such an old person. Like I’m an old lady at heart. Like I’m just, I can’t wait to be a grandma. Like, so jade, I thought dash was a little suspicious. Do they explain him more later? Yes, they do. They actually explained, I think in like book eight or nine y Dash and Briggs have such an animosity towards each other. I’m not gonna ruin it for anyone, but they do explain it later. Um, but that’s a long wait. It builds like you’re starting to get, like why do they hate each other? Like it’s not like a, an annoying, oh my gosh, why am I having to wait so long? Like he paces it is really good, but I’m just going to say that I 100% um, team Briggs. Like that’s just, that’s just me. Teen Briggs. Yes. I see people looking forward to reading book 200%. I hope you love it.

Speaker 5:                    00:35:24           Uh,

Lisa:                             00:35:24           Lisa says over on Youtube, Kingston had a broken wing and Lacey nursed him back to health. Yeah, that’s true. That was a cute story.

Courtny:                       00:35:33           That was so sweet and like how she did try to do the thing and, and back out into the, into nature and he was just like, no, I’m cool with just going out with you. Uh, Laura, we have to wait nine books to find that out. I know, right? For anyone that just don’t want to spoil it. Uh, Cheryl, this has to be my favorite cozy mystery that I’ve read this year. Maybe ever. That is a strong statement and I get all the books a hundred percent. You’re not going to regret it. I mean, these are gorgeous covers. Do you see how beautiful these colors are for anything? The aesthetics, if they’re spot on. Yeah. All of her covers like the color combinations are very like pretty and catchy where you’re like I just want to display them all on my wall. Like pictures. Especially her Christmas one.

Courtny:                       00:36:26           She has one that has like snow falling on the town. Oh Nice. It’s like it has my heart, I can’t not love it. I just can’t. And all of her siblings were like that. The Firefly junction series and her star fire mystery series just as gorgeous. Just as pretty like I write my cozy mystery. I’m going to be like, hey guys, your cover like yeah, brain share. They just tell you right in the beginning don’t they? You Ne who does the cover art? I was, she didn’t. Sometimes people will say cover art by but she didn’t. Maybe she did them herself. Yeah, she sent this one to me and it says to Courtney, I love your youtube channel. Keep up the great work shoot. Give me my heart. Happy. I love all the covers. Also, Anna loved them. Emily, they are beautiful. Danielle, props to the publisher for printing in trade paperbacks instead of mass market.

Courtny:                       00:37:19           Well these are self published so she has the publisher. Yeah, no she needs the publisher, which is another like thing that I want to talk about. Do we like with Lyndon Levin and Agatha Frost, these are some the they are self published books versus the traditional way of publishing. Like what does one thing, um, Lou says I typically read cause he’s on my kindle but I’m thinking I want a set of the actual books and they feel amazing. They feel sort of like satiny and they don’t have the glare, which makes me as a like book tuber super happy. Well when you get these you can, when you order these as an author you can get glossy or matte. So yeah, I love the way that the mat feels in my hands. Like I don’t know why but it like gives me cozy or vibes. That’s probably weird. I’m probably just weird. But yeah, I prefer that grind. Oh this is a series. Yes. Jay. This is an Indy series. Hundred percent. Let’s see. Did the live stream end? It said that the live stream is offline on youtube. Hold on. I

Lisa:                             00:38:36           did you see it? It reversed us. So I’m on the right now and you’re on the left. I don’t even know what’s going on.

Courtny:                       00:38:45           Worst on mine. Weirdest thing ever. So we’ve got two my Burstein years are, it isn’t, it isn’t. You didn’t reverse on on mine like you’re fine. But on here I don’t see, wow. Well that’s what it looks like for me. But why are we over? I don’t understand. Yeah. I don’t know why we were over either. I did really still here. I’m still here. Goodness gracious guys. Sorry. Did you I didn’t touch anything. Do you have a Voodoo Dr? Their height feel like someone just, you know, all over just doing all the magic on the worst. Worseness come on guys. You have one job.

Lisa:                             00:39:33           It says the live stream is still going. If you,

Courtny:                       00:39:36           I think if you go to your page, I go to my page and it doesn’t have the live stream going at all. It has the 36 minutes that we’ve been on, but that’s it. Like it says stream two minutes ago and it just ends. Oh No, let me some gas stream two minutes ago. He had no idea. We’re going to have to fix that later. Let’s just continue and then hopefully people decide to open it up on crowdcast instead. Hopefully that works. Um, let’s see. Uh, did this book inspire you to eat more cupcakes? That’s the fifth question.

Lisa:                             00:40:23           Didn’t know Elsie had the bakery and then at one point lace made cookies for her neighbor just to do some spying. Which basis, which very much reminded me of the baking mysteries

Courtny:                       00:40:37           with Hannah Swenson. Yes. Hannah Swenson or the daily Kate’s, uh, the a, she has the magical big shop mystery series. There are so many. The um, we’ve also got like, I’ve got an art of the, um, Cup of holiday fear by Lee Alexander and this is the big shot mystery series. Like if that doesn’t look scrumptious and make you want to eat all of the sugar ever, I don’t know what does, it’s amazing. So 100%. Oh, I love, I don’t need inspiration for that 100%. We’re just automatically going into wanting all of the sugar, all of the baking and everything like that.

Lisa:                             00:41:22           Do you want to, I’m just thinking Courtney. I don’t know cause we, it doesn’t look like we can pick the livestream up even though I refresh the key

Courtny:                       00:41:30           on, um, Twitter. Okay.

Lisa:                             00:41:34           Does that work? Well I think Twitter and I think on Youtube maybe just put a post link to here at crowd. Yes. You guys continue talking while I do the little, the little community posts. Cause I’d hate to lose all of our friends. Yeah. I have decided to come and visit us and then it’s not working. Uh, all right, so does anybody, so I can only look at the comments now on crowdcast. Um, jade, I wasn’t inspired to be cupcakes, but I do like to collect the recipes. You know, jade, that’s good. I was inspired to bake something, but let’s be real. When I wake up I’m always inspired to bake something so it probably doesn’t matter. Jennifer baking ones are fun because of the recipes. I’ve tried a few from the Hannah Swenson series and all have been great. Yeah, it’d be nice if the book just came with like a premade bake mix.

Lisa:                             00:42:25           Like I would totally order those. It would be perfect if there was like a, I don’t know, like a subscription box that was like you’re Harvey and you’re baking to go with it. Exactly. All you have to do is supply your own eggs and olive oil and stuff like that. That would be perfect, Anna. That would be awesome. A Sheryl Hannah Swenson has a cookbook out from her series. Jade? Yes. I would order those two. That’s a great sub. A subscription box idea. Jennifer? Yes. That’s a great cookbook. Oh thing. Hannah Swenson. I am like kind of lazy. I don’t know if anyone follows me in insta stories. I’m afraid of the grocery store cause I’m a New Yorker and so this is the first time I’ve heard that I’ve really had to cook. So every time I go to the grocery store it’s like I’m super overwhelmed. It takes me like two hours to find anything.

Lisa:                             00:43:12           And then I don’t know if it’s just me. I feel like the grocery store clerks, they’re hiding from me. I’m like, Hey, I wait, where’s the no where people look like they work there, but they’re just there after work and they’re like, I don’t work here. What are you doing? Don’t talk to me. Or they’re wearing the shirt color that like everyone else at the shop is wearing. Like at Walmart, everybody wears blue. And if I see someone new polo, I’m automatically like, hey, how do I plan this? And they’re like, I don’t work here all the time. I didn’t mean to do that. People love it when you do that. I’m like, I kind of need, uh, Danielle, I hate when I mistakenly my red shirt at target. I always get asked. Yeah, that’s so true. Yeah. Um, oh no. Anna, I could never get into Hannah Swenson. Ryan, I could never get enhances, fun, sincere. So here’s the thing, I am not as into the Hannah Swenson books as much as I am into the movies on hallmark movies and industries. And I’ve never seen movies. I have only been able to read this person. I know I’m a horrible, because the mystery, uh, I’ve only read the first book and I thought it was okay, but I’m hurting better because of how many,

Courtny:                       00:44:32           sorry. People are messaging me. Where are you? And then I’m sending them the link. Um, so I don’t know. I need to just dive into the movies because I heard that they’re a lot better than the book. Like they just feel cozier. They’re a thousand times better. Good. I need to just check those out and see what, see what I’m missing. Yeah. I love them. Plus, I love what’s her name? Can, I can’t remember her name. The girl from days of our lives. Who is she? Somebody’s home. Yes. No idea. These are the blind girl. She’s also in their new series, the chronicle mysteries, which I’ve already watched three, four of those as well. Alison Sweeney. Thank you, Cheryl. There you go. Everyone’s like, Yo, I’m striking girl. We thought you all that is leanings. That is awesome. Um, and Joanne is super sweet and person says Jennifer.

Courtny:                       00:45:26           Wow. I had never met her poppy. Um, Emily, I like the movies too, Jennifer. I agree. I like the movies. Yeah. I mean I pretty much just watch the hallmark channel or the hallmark movies and mysteries channel. That’s it. That’s honestly the only reason I even have cable. Yeah. See and I don’t have cable, so I’m like trying to figure out how I can watch all of the hallmark mystery stuff having cable. So I do have some of the movies on Youtube. You can buy them on Youtube. I will send you the link. Send me the link after this because I totally need, um, Cheryl, I’ve never seen the movies. I just know that she’s in them and I love her on days when I used to watch. Yeah, I grew up watching grand days. Where lies, um, Stacy love all the hallmark mystery movies.

Courtny:                       00:46:16           They should make London love at books, into movies. Um, if they can cause that it’s two hours for a movie and these are pretty short. I don’t know. I feel like they could flush them out a little bit more. I feel like from a production standpoint, I’ve heard this too, is that there might just be too many characters in here, so that might cost too much, but there’s not, I think the first book is the only one that introduced to so many characters that you feel a little overwhelmed. Don’t feel as overwhelmed reading all of the other books in the series. I mean, you know, I know nothing about like books to screenplay. I’m sure they would change it. Oh yeah. I mean they’re going to change everything. Yeah. They always change something, right? Yeah. Jennifer, she comes to Scottsdale, Arizona for her new book release and hoping in February, 2020 she’ll be there.

Courtny:                       00:47:08           Barbara, they have an app, you know, they have a homework app, but I would argue that it has mostly just old movies on it. Not that user friendly. It doesn’t have many of the mystery ones on there. It’s always like, there’s nothing that I’m like, I want to watch the other ones. I want to watch the mystery ones. It’s all I want to watch. And then I tried looking on the um, website and the website forces you to have a cable like consumption. And I’m like, I don’t have cable. I have Cox Internet, but I don’t, Eagle and, and internet doesn’t count.

Speaker 3:                    00:47:43           Okay.

Courtny:                       00:47:44           So Amazon, they don’t have them as in I can just buy the DVD. They have like some of the old ones, but they don’t have any of the new ones. It makes my heart happy. It does have some of the movies too.

Lisa:                             00:47:59           Uh, Barbara, that’s a bummer. Uh, Danielle, sometimes the library has them, are online movie services such as Hoopla. Uh, Emily, it doesn’t have many mysteries on the app. Yeah, nothing. Uh, Julie check the hallmark stores. They have hallmark movie

Courtny:                       00:48:14           Dad’s DVDs.

Lisa:                             00:48:15           You know, the hallmark store in my town here in San Diego went out of business.

Courtny:                       00:48:22           Ooh. I was doing, because I loved the hallmark store. We have one in a mall, but that mall is starting to be close. Like there’s a lot of empty spots. Yeah. Sad, sad days.

Lisa:                             00:48:36           I used to work with this girl everyday she’d be like, let’s quit our jobs.

Courtny:                       00:48:39           Put up a hallmark store now that’s amazing. Like just, I don’t know, I just want to bring people happiness. That’s like my biggest goal in life is just to be like make people smile. So question number six, the coziest element of the book. Like what made you feel like this is a cozy hundred percent

Speaker 3:                    00:49:01           okay.

Courtny:                       00:49:01           What made you feel that? I’ve got a question though, Courtney, what’s been your favorite book in the Port Danby series? Oh my gosh. I would have to go back into like my good reads like scores. Cause there was one and it was like her longest one yet. And I loved it so much. I don’t remember the name of it. I’ll have to look. Maybe I can post that on Twitter later. Like what my favorite one was. I really did enjoy the latest Orkambi one though. She gets better and better as she, as she goes. I see a lot of people saying that the small town and the setting of the small town was what made it cozy for them.

Lisa:                             00:49:41           Oh, you know how, I don’t know if we want to do this, but help from crowdcast just messaged me and said that we could reset the session so it will wipe out the comments. But in theory it said it might post again to your youtube channel.

Courtny:                       00:49:55           Okay. Do you want to try it or just leave it? I think we’ll just leave it for now and then that happens again. Then we will. Um, cause we’re so close to the end of the year, we’re so close to the end and for the giveaway we kind of have to have the comments. Oh Great. Uh, scripting for me said Sheryl was the descriptions of the town and it said that she could ride her bike everywhere and when she got trapped in the mansion, yes. I don’t know. It gave me very like that Tom give me very hollow, kind of feels from Gilmore girls. I kind of got just that vibe, which made me extremely happy. And it said that her shop was between a bakery and a coffee shop. That’s like the goal you want to be in between where the cap in the food. I heard her present. Agree with that.

Lisa:                             00:50:48           I mean that is my goal just in life in general.

Courtny:                       00:50:50           It’s fine. It’s like my goal would be bakery. I own a book shop, coffee shop, like go trifecta. That would be perfect. I have number from Youtube. I love the neighbor bake shop. Um, in the free treats. Thank you for having over from Youtube. I don’t, we don’t know what happened on the Youtube Front, but hopefully it’s okay that you had to transfer over here. Thank you for transferring over. Yes, the good, which the town does remind me of the good witch, which I have, I’ve been to watched on Netflix and I love that. I love the good witch. Yes. It’s so good. Yay. Francesca. She made it over from Youtube. Thank you.

Lisa:                             00:51:38           Yeah, we lost a lot of people cause it looked like there were 80 views.

Courtny:                       00:51:41           Yeah, no, there was a lot of people watching and then it just decided to be rude. So yes, the good itch. So, so good. I just, Ah, makes me so happy. I haven’t caught up on season four so I’ve only caught up on what is one Netflix and Netflix is what I’ve watched and I haven’t caught up. Right. You don’t have papers? Nope. So like no spoilers for me please.

Lisa:                             00:52:10           I’ve seen none of the movies. Oh, you know Anna, if you just wait like I just recorded, this just happened like two or three weeks ago. I recorded all of the good witch movies. They had like a, a marathon because it was right before the season started. So I recorded like six of the movies that I haven’t seen. And you can I purchase some of them actually on iTunes as well.

Courtny:                       00:52:28           There you go. Love it. Canada. Netflix doesn’t have the good reach. Oh Cheryl, I’m sorry. Oh that’s so sad.

Lisa:                             00:52:38           You can buy them Cheryl, I think on, you can buy them on iTunes though.

Courtny:                       00:52:41           Yeah. Ooh, that’d be good. Smart way on you. It be like, Hey, Christmas is coming up. Yeah.

Lisa:                             00:52:49           And I need to Chris’ thumbs up. Yup. Should we just go ahead and announce the book? Yes. Do you want to do the honors of announcing the next book? So we had four different books and remember we had seasons and so the next season coming up is fall. And Courtney had a great idea because it’s back to school that we do libraries and bookstores and those kinds of things. So we picked four different books. So I don’t know if you know how Courtney did it? She picked two. I picked two and I secretly willed for death by coffee to be chosen and it worked. That was

Courtny:                       00:53:26           it. One in a landslide on Twitter, on Instagram, on my youtube channel. And then on our Facebook, right. Like it one across all platforms. So I’m excited cause there’s two, uh, amateur sleuths, which we are not used to usually just get one. Yeah. So it’s, we’re, we’re super, super excited for it. So the death by Co’s or death by coffee, which is even better. It just, it’s, and it’s by, um, it’s by Alec, Alex Erickson. No, and I already made a reading schedule because I was manifesting that this would happen. I’ll post that right after this. You’re like, I’ve got this. Yeah. And then when I was on my phone earlier, I was like, we’re live. Yes, I haven’t ready yet. So I’m excited to read a new cozy thank you for the reading schedule. Yeah, that was all Lisa. She was like, Hey, we should do a reading schedule. And I’m like, that is the best idea ever. Yes, let’s do it. I planned everything and like if you want, we can just plan per day, per hour. Just kidding. I’m trying to to um, open it up on Amazon to see if it’s on sale. No, I don’t think it’s free, but I was able to um, loan it out from the library for free. Yeah, there you go. Um, cause it’s Trad, it says, uh, jade says it’s on kindle unlimited, but she’s not sure if it’s for free. If I can type it on

Speaker 4:                    00:54:52           [inaudible]

Courtny:                       00:54:55           up. So yes, let’s see the copy. Jennifer. I’ll check kindle unlimited. Yeah, I mean if you guys are libraries, I mean I’m even, I’m still a member of the New York Public Library because their selection is like a gazillion times better than San Diego. So any ebook I want, I can pretty much get through New York. So if you live near a major city, they usually have a buddy system and then you could get books like Chicago. I know I used to live there. They have a really great ebook. Library selection is a dollar 99 on kindle right now. Oh, okay. Dollar 99 on kindle. So it’s not free on candle, but it is a dollar 99 or at least that is what my app says right here is a dollar 99 which compared to the seven to $10 range. A normal cozy is, that’s not too bad. A Tall Jennifer libraries.

Courtny:                       00:55:45           Yes. Thanks jade. AJ that’s a good price. Sheryl wouldn’t be in my library system. They don’t have many cozy mysteries. Ah, you know, you can ask for it. Cheryl, it’s your local community library. Like I know New York City, even though it’s huge, I can put requests in all the time for books and they will usually just do it. Cause that a lot of people take the time to request books anymore because everyone’s going through kindle. Yeah. And from London. Love it. So she was super sad that she couldn’t stop by our live stream where she is. So she’s writing two books at once right now she says that she actually finds that to be easier. She says going from one cozy to that to another cozy. If she gets bored with one, she just goes to the other. And so she’s actually run as fast.

Courtny:                       00:56:33           But where she’s at, she doesn’t have very good cell service or Internet service. So, um, she has put together a really cool little gift basket kind of thing with a book and tea and bookmarks and a candle. And so, um, do you want to tell them how we’re going to choose who the winner is? Of course, as you’re like drinking, I’m like, well, every time cock I’m like, I’m drinking while you’re doing your recap. So like I’ve had this water here this whole time and I’m like burning up under my lights. And of course, like I haven’t had one sip of anything, so I felt them so that I can, you know, hydrate. So basically, here’s what we’re going to do. I need one person, whoever is commented last. Oh jade, no, Emily, Emily. Give us a number between one and 50

Courtny:                       00:57:28           any number. 34 okay, so here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to go through the comments and whoever number 34 for comments is, is the winner. That’s our random system. Yes. So that way it doesn’t feel like we’re like picking people who are like, we know in real life or like we see common the most or whatever. It’s that number 34. So what happens is we have like a sheet that can be pulled out of um, crowdcast and we can actually pick, I will share it. So no, we’re not being cheating. Mic, cheater sense. I hate when people do that and they’re like Courtney one. I’m like, how did you pick Courtney? Number 34 is Ryan. So Ryan, you are, what we want you to do is we want you to message us on our Twitter with your address and

Speaker 3:                    00:58:32           [inaudible]

Courtny:                       00:58:33           relations. Ryan, that’s awesome.

Courtny:                       00:58:37           And I’m going to, we’re going to try and do something like this with the author that we pick every time that we do a, um, our, our, uh, our life stream. We’re going to hopefully y’all, well one of us, I’ll reach out to Alex Erickson and be like, hey, so you guys are gonna be part of where we’re doing you for this month or whatever. We’re reading your book and that way you get rewarded for chatting with us cause you guys, you took time out of your day to spend time and talk about cozies with us. It’s like it’s the best thing ever. And it, I dunno, it makes, I think it makes both of us really, really happy that you come and talk about this. All right, so it is the top of the art. Like how good is that for timing last time we like, yes.

Courtny:                       00:59:21           All right, so what is everybody else doing? Say, I know it’s a Wednesday, it’s like a school night. It is a school night for you. Well night for me. 100% Ryan, if you don’t have a Twitter you can email it’s just my handle. And then at Gmail. So just email me that and then I’ll send it to London. So I, it’s six o’clock here. So I am probably, I eat a really late eight linner so I’m probably just going to eat some more chocolate chip pumpkin bread if I’m being honest. Get some work done. So Yep. I’m gonna drink some water. Cozy up on the couch and start a new book. Cause I finished the one that I was reading said, oh that’s great. I can finish death by, I can start. Well I already started. I can finish them. My job coffee. There you go. Good night everyone. I hope that you have an absolute amazing Lisa. I was on the youtube chat, I lost the live stream. What’s the next uh, book? It’s death by chocolate. So I’ll sit on uh, or sorry, death by coffee, talking about chocolate. I’m like, it’s death by coffee. I’ll put it on our Twitter. Lisa, we’ll put it on our Facebook group and everything like that. There’ll be a reading list, follow and everything. Yep. So good night everyone, so have fun and everything.