Cupcake Cozy Mysteries for Cat Lovers

Cupcakes & Chaos

Book 1

Her new employer has met her maker, and she’s the only suspect. Can she sift out the truth and serve the villain their just desserts?

Ava Decker longs to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning her own bakery. Ready for a fresh start, the former forensic accountant turned pastry chef is excited to turn life’s lemons into sugary success. But her hopes crumble when her mean boss turns up dead in the back of the delivery truck Ava was driving.

Arrested as the prime suspect, things get worse when the police discover the victim left Ava the shop and her house in her will. And with only an adorable kitten who thinks he’s a dog and an exasperated best friend as the voice of reason, the newly bequeathed owner must turn super-sleuth to clear her name.

Can Ava solve the crime before she’s baking behind bars?

Cupcakes & Chaos is the delicious first book in the Frosted Misfortunes cozy mystery series. If you like cute animal sidekicks, appetizing pages to curl up with, and hilarious hijinks, then you’ll love Lisa Siefert’s perfectly dusted recipe.

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Fudge & Felonies

Book 2

She just wants to share her delicious sweets. But a sticky surprise has this amateur detective dusting off her snooping skills.

Bakery owner Ava Decker is determined to put being dumped at the altar behind her. But her ambitions turn sour when her chocolaty cupcakes end up beside a beauty pageant contestant’s lifeless body. And when her good friend is accused of the crime, Ava throws herself into the mix to clear both their names.

With a dash of help from her cute kitten sidekick, the pastry-chef-turned-sleuth dives into the beauty queen scene to find out why a weight-loss-fanatic would be found dead next to sugary goodness. But with few clues and her hands messy with a full lineup of suspects, she struggles to follow the trail of crumbs to the real tiara-obsessed killer.

Can Ava crown the culprit before the plate of evidence is wiped clean?

Fudge & Felonies is the second book in the delightful Frosted Misfortunes cozy mystery series. If you like humorous characters, off-the-wall whodunits, and heartwarming fun, then you’ll love Lisa Siefert’s guilty pleasure.

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Vanilla & Vendettas

Book 3

Stolen sparkling bling. A shocking murder. Will her single-minded sleuthing free her from a sour situation?

Pastry chef Ava Decker is delighted to prepare a special cupcake for her BFF’s surprise engagement. But after the diamond ring disappears from its sugary hiding place, the empty-handed baker is suddenly suspect number one. So when a witness comes forward to the cops, Ava eagerly tracks him down… only to stumble across his dead body.

With the police insisting she mind her own business and an unhelpful psychic more worried about Ava’s stalled love life than useful clues, the amateur snoop might have bitten off more than she can chew. But when she’s arrested for possession of a poached Aston Martin, she’ll need more than her is-he-or-isn’t-he boyfriend and her impulsive bestie to extract herself from the gooey mess.

Can she turn the tables on a thief-turned-killer before she’s baking cakes behind bars?

Vanilla & Vendettas is the scrumptious third book in the Frosted Misfortunes cozy mystery series. If you like dorky heroines, light-hearted comic relief, and cute kitties with pooch envy, then you’ll adore Lisa Siefert’s tasty indulgence.

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