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If you missed last Friday’s LIVEStream…

Our 30 minutes turned into an hour – what can we say, we’re a chatty group!

Here are the main takeaways


We now have book club themes for each season to help narrow down what we’ll be reading!

  • FALL: Sept/Oct/Nov Bookish Cozies
  • WINTER: Dec/Jan/Feb Baking Cozies
  • SPRING: Mar/Apr/May Magical Cozies
  • SUMMER June/July/Aug Hobby Cozies

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Everyone loved the idea of a Secret Santa Gift Exchange among the book club so we put it together and made it happen! Details are here

Book Club Voting Process

Each month we’ll post 4 choices that meet the following criteria

  • Are the 1st book in a series
  • Match that season’s theme
  • Are available on Kindle and paperback

You can vote on any of our platforms

This way – in theory, you’ll never miss a book club voting opportunity. It should show up on your news feed at some point on one of your platforms.

Lisa’s Monthly Planner – Will Now Have a READER section

Every month, I send out a free monthly planner for writers. 

But – I will now include a section for readers! 

Suggestions on what to add included:

  • TBR – To Be Read Page
  • Reading Log – with stars so you could track whether you liked it or not

And of course – I will continue to include recipes from my favorite baking items at the back. 


Note: There are significant typos in this – it was a computer generated transcript but we thought it would be helpful for those of you who did not have the time to watch a one-hour livestream but still wanted to catch up!

Lisa:                             00:00:05           Hi everyone. It says we’re live.

Courtny:                       00:00:07           Hi. I hope you’re having a great day.

Lisa:                             00:00:12           Well everyone’s having a great day cause it’s Friday is Friday. It’s so exciting. Yeah. So if you guys can just let us know in the comments, can you, can you hear us or are we just talking to ourselves, which we’re totally capable of doing. Yeah.

Courtny:                       00:00:26           That like it can go on for hours, so yeah. Yeah. So can you guys hear us? Can you guys see us fine.

Lisa:                             00:00:34           We can hear you. Awesome. So let’s see. We have another, Lisa Great name.

Courtny:                       00:00:39           She is amazing. I love her face. She’s just wonderful and kind and sweet.

Lisa:                             00:00:45           Um, we have Barbara, we have Debra, we have jade, we have protagonist. Ryan, how are you? We have Danielle. Uh, at least, uh, yeah. Awesome. And Ryan, you have a dude, I’m so excited.

Courtny:                       00:01:02           He is, he is an aspiring, cozy mystery author as well. Um, well, so yeah. Oh, and we have. Cleo. She just jumped into my lap. So now she’s participating via my lap.

Lisa:                             00:01:15           Great, I have to tell you, I have kitty envy So my best friend got a new kitten and I so want a kitten again.

Courtny:                       00:01:22           Yeah, no, she’s, she’s amazing when it’s just one on one, like she’d be the perfect only child. But the fact that she has to share me with three other animals, she gets really, really salty a man like throw a fit about it. Like if anyone even like looks at me like they want to cuddle with me, she like hisses and then like runs away. Like she won’t even be on me and she’ll just get mad. Well Huh? I’m like, okay.

Lisa:                             00:01:49           Oh, she just wants you to know that she loves you. Yes. Yeah. And she wants everybody else to know that too.

Courtny:                       00:01:59           Oh yeah. She has been, she’s taking to a, jumping up in my videos lately, like a lot.

Lisa:                             00:02:06           Oh, who else has cats? Does anyone have cats or dogs? I love dogs too.

Courtny:                       00:02:10           Yeah. No, they’re fantastic. A little cozy companion to cuddle with while you’re reading some cozies.

Lisa:                             00:02:16           Yeah, it’s always perfect. We have people on Youtube too, so, hi Carolyn. Hi Laura.

Speaker 3:                    00:02:22           Yeah,

Lisa:                             00:02:25           so we can see you over there too.

Courtny:                       00:02:27           Yes. Hi guys. How are you doing?

Lisa:                             00:02:31           Ashley has three cats in my house. Jade, I wish I could have a pet lease. Doesn’t allow it. Ah, that’s steam one cat named Nero. Ryan. All cleo. I have a Calico name page. Sure. Nice. You know, do you guys know that Courtney actually has many cats and dogs? I do. I do. I always thought it was just cleo.

Courtny:                       00:02:58           Nope. I have two cats and two dogs. So I’ve got cleo who’s in my lap right now. And then I’ve got willow who’s a Pomeranian and then I have, um, a, let me see. I’ve got no, it was a Pekinese Delilah’s upon Bahrainian. And then I’ve got Tom, he was a cat who thinks he’s a dog. He only eats dog food. And um, yeah, he just, he just acts like a dog. Very interesting Steve. Either you can train them to just go flashing across your screen as you call them out. I’m just like, guys just, you know, work with me here. I have them pay rent. So willow knows the word rent. Right. I know. I’ve trained her. She, she, I’ve had her since she was like eight weeks old. So, um, when I say rent she has to give me tons of kisses. And so like if I’m having like a particularly down day or stuff like that, I tell her, I’m like, all right willow, it’s time to pay rent and she’ll start giving me kisses all over. It’s fantastic. Is the dog right? Yes. Will is the, the white peonies that sort of looks like val core from, um, the neverending story. Got It. Yeah. Let’s see who else? Lisa, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them in some of her blogs. Jay. Oh, that’s so cute. Hi Julie. She’s over on Youtube.

Lisa:                             00:04:24           so can you train a cat? I know we’re getting off subject, but like, so my friend thinks she can train her cat.

Courtny:                       00:04:30           You can 100% train her cat. One of my cats from when I was a child, um, we trained her how to play fetch and so she would actually do the hair tie and we’d go like this with the hair tie and she’s like, wait, and we don’t like, no, you gotta wait. And so she’d sit down and then we’d flick it and she’d go and run and she carried it and put it right back in our hand. Hmm. It was legit like a thing. I think the cat has to want to be trained.

Lisa:                             00:04:55           Yeah. I had an Abyssinian and like everything you read about them, they’re like, they train you, which is so true. I would order Sushi and get the Cat Sushi and that’s okay. That’s like what we did. Plus the cat only liked cold water directly from the fridge. So yeah, that was a lot of work.

Courtny:                       00:05:13           High maintenance, but you know, worth it in the end.

Lisa:                             00:05:16           Yeah, totally. I was looking around for an Abyssinian, um, to get an Abyssinian Kit. I looked everywhere. There are none for miles. You may see some in your area. Just get it and then ship it to me. Yes. Halfway across the country. I think I can do that. Yeah. Anybody, anybody listening, if you see that and you can get, I mean they’re, I don’t know why they say they’re hard to breed. I don’t know if they like, I don’t know what the deal is, but they’re just not a lot of them out there.

Courtny:                       00:05:45           Yeah.

Courtny:                       00:05:46           Well I think that we’ve, we’ve got to, we’ve got quite a few people watching. Do we want to introduce ourselves to some people who don’t know us? Because, yeah, you could first, oh, hi everyone. I’m Lisa and

Lisa:                             00:05:58           as I put at the top of crowdcast or if you’re on youtube, it doesn’t matter. I am Lisa Siefert, which is my real name. I never tried to hide it. Um, and then I’ve also Lisa London for the romance and I am Lisa Latte, which is the brand new name that I created last week. Um, and I’m a romance author. I’m a graphic designer and I would love to start writing cozies and I’ve secretly been like wanting to write cozies forever. I live in San Diego, I’m single with no kids and I obviously want an Abyssinian kitten.

Courtny:                       00:06:30           Well, yes, you have to add that in. I mean like that’s 100% like what it is. Um, my name is Courtney. I am Courtagonist on book tube and bookstagram and I mostly read, review and talk about cozy mysteries and um, I am, let me see, I’m an aspiring cozy mystery about, they’re like, I think I can say that. I’m not like literally say that at, see I feel weird saying that I’m an author when I literally has never tried to write a word in my life except for have written. It’s on your blog. I’ve read your, I’ve, I’ve written blog posts and I’ve journaled since I was 10. Like I have a whole treasure chest sort of thing full of 20 or more journals. So like I’ve done, I’ve dabbled in that kind of stuff, but to actually write like a real cozy mystery, um, I am posting one chapter at a time of my cozy mystery called graded in red on my website, courtagonist dot com so if you want to, you know, read the first, I think nine chapters are out first eight or nine chapters.

Courtny:                       00:07:42           You should do that and then let me know what you think cause I’m all nervous and stuff. They’re very good. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, but we started the cozy or they the, it’s like the cozy escape book club. [inaudible] yes. And it’s going to be really awesome. Yeah. Do you want to tell people where escape comes from? So one of the reasons why you read is to escape from the world, right? Like you want to dive into somebody else’s world and you want to just fall in love with the characters where you’re at and, but you also get cozy when you’re reading. A lot of times like I always, you know, crow up in this little a, it’s a circle kind of chair with my cozy blankets and my cozy, you know, drink and then you just, you dive in and it’s sort of an escape and then it sort of blends really, really well with um, the cozy mystery aspect as well. Yeah, that’s a good description.

Lisa:                             00:08:47           Lisa. Nice to meet you. Lisa and My name doppelganger pretty. Hi Ladies and group. Alex La Frey. Hello everyone. Ryan. Hi Lisa. I’m an aspiring, cozy Mystery author and I’m working on one for both guys and gals. Cool.

Courtny:                       00:09:02           Very, very cool.

New Speaker:               00:09:03           And over on Youtube. Julia is saying, my cat’s name is willow. That’s cute. So getting that name. Yeah. Laura says m might not be possible from Canada. Yeah, that’s, that might be harder to ship a cat from Canada, at least to Ashby says yes.

Lisa:                             00:09:23           Do you guys have a special area you read in? Like when I read for the chapter, which can be just say Courtney is a professional narrator. I told her and I wasn’t even joking, like I wasn’t just trying to pump her up. I think she could be a narrator for audible. Right. She’s so good.

Courtny:                       00:09:41           Yeah. I really, really love reading out loud. Like I had years and years of practice as an elementary school teacher too. Well, because the students read the way you read to them. So in order for a student to be fluent in what they’re doing and to actually understand what they’re reading, you have to read it as though it’s actually happening and actually a conversation you don’t read like a robot you read with the inflections and with the emotions and things like that. Instead, it’s just really fun to do.

Lisa:                             00:10:12           Cool.

Lisa:                             00:10:14           Uh, Stacy. Yes, she did. Great. Anna says hello. Yup, Bree. Yes. I thought I was weird because I always loved reading out loud. People go, I love you jade. I’ll read just about any genre, but my favorite is trashy. Mindless. Why a specifically unsupervised rich white, a like gossip girl. Oh, well both of you did great reading out loud. I totally cheated and I turned on the Youtube closed caption, so I came along with it. I was like, I’m not that good of a reader. I’m just going to help people put the words up there. No, you did fantastic. I love you and I loved your little cozy nook that you read in. Like the plants are freaking awesome. Yeah, I’m going to be sad. Those actually aren’t my plants. Those are my friend Kirsten is in between apartments, so I’m house clamps. Zinni I don’t know what you call it. It’s like, yeah, they’re her babies too. Yeah. So I might have to go out and buy some new plants if she wants them back. Yeah, no, those were amazing. Yeah. Dana finally had trouble getting on all good. Meow. Courtney knows, but my pup has a bookish name Sherlock. He’s not smart though. Oh

Courtny:                       00:11:23           he is adorable. He just quirky. I love Sherlock

Lisa:                             00:11:27           I mean my dog, I mean he’s passed away, but my dog for 15 years, I never trained the dog like every time I went to train the dog it’d be like, don’t do that. And then I’d be like, oh, but you’re so cute. Oh I love you so much. So like I’m terrible at training animals.

Courtny:                       00:11:40           Yeah, no, Aaron would say that I am the worst at training like and I feel bad cause my, my dogs were apartment dogs for seven years, so they, I took them out in the morning and then when I get home, but I always potty pads on the floor just in case. And so they were trained for party packs like there would be no message. Then when we got into the house, when we moved into the house with Erin, they were like, what’s all this space? What is carpet? Carpet either. And they’re like, and so I’m having to Redo my floors in my living room because they were not trained properly.

Lisa:                             00:12:18           Let’s see. Uh, oh, let me check youtube. So, um, Laura says I enjoyed when you read chapter three, who read chapter three? Oh,

Courtny:                       00:12:28           I did not read separate. I read, I read chapters one, two. Oh, she, she, she uh, put chapter two instead down. Laura, you were great with the reading. Courtney. I agree. Courtney, you are retired elementary school teacher or I am a retired elementary school teacher. Laura. I loved, loved reading to my children every day. Cool reading. Yes. It’ll be best when Aaron and I have kids. I will, most definitely, they will have like the best children’s library of ever. Yeah. That’ll totally be happening. Library.

Lisa:                             00:13:05           Um, Dana says that it’s exactly Sherlock. He would not be a good cozy companion. Yeah. More on emotional support dogs.

Courtny:                       00:13:11           You gotta have those two. You can’t have the ones that are like always trying to sluice with you. Like you gotta have a good equal balance of them. That would be a good way to say it. So what we are having a live stream for our first, um, cozy mystery book and it is London love. It’s marigolds and murder. We won’t talk about it too much right now cause we’re going to do that for the livestream. But for those that might not have picked it up yet, you need to go and pick it up. It is cute, adorable. It’s really short, which is one of the things that I love about London Lovitz writing and her books. She has three different series. She’s got the port Danby series, she has the firefly junction series, and then she has the star fire mystery series, which is actually an historical mystery. It’s based in the 1920s and it’s absolutely amazing. And so if you like marigolds and murder, you should also go and check out all of her other series as well. There are just wonderful.

Lisa:                             00:14:23           Oh, should we tell people how we met?

Courtny:                       00:14:26           Yes. Yeah, so you can first,

Lisa:                             00:14:29           Oh, okay. So I don’t know if you guys know this pretty much. And I’m not saying to say this, all of my friends I’ve met online, and I know people are like, you need real connections. I don’t know that that’s true. Like I get it. Feel like you get a sense of people’s personality on their social media platforms, especially on video. And you know, all of my friends, I moved to San Diego and I didn’t know a single and I’d never even been here. So all of my friends that are like, you see my insta stories, I just met on social media and same thing with Courtney. I saw her channel and I was like, first of all, this is so cool that someone is talking about cozy mysteries and second she seems like the nicest person ever. So I guess you could say I stalked her until she became my friend.

Courtny:                       00:15:13           Yeah, I remember she reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to do a sort of like sharing baking with her and so she sent me a baking box. Yes, she sent me a baking box and I was like, oh my goodness, someone, someone sent me something. No one else sends me anything. Like it was really, really, I think it was like within my first year of being on book two and like I have looked at like her numbers and I was like, someone who has that many subscribers is they want to talk to me. Like, is that a thing? And it was so awesome. So then like we would, we would message each other back and forth on Instagram or on, we watch each other’s videos on youtube. Um, but we never really had a, a real reason to really connect when it came to like sharing our platforms because he had a platform that was mostly romance.

Courtny:                       00:16:09           And while I do read some romance, you guys know that my love is cause mysteries, but you guys also know that there are not a lot of cozy mystery, um, youtube burrs or book tubers or, I mean, it’s starting to become popular, which makes my heart so happy because I believe that all of the cozy mystery authors deserve all of the love on everything. And so when she reached out to me and she was like, Hey, I, you know, I want to be able to talk to you about some cozy stuff when I was like, Oh yes, tell me more. And so, yeah, we’ve just sort of created the cozy escape and who’s got a newsletter too that comes out on the 15th of every month? And, um, yeah, it’s been, it’s been so much fun. We’ve been texting and messaging each other and it’s been a blast.

Lisa:                             00:17:07           Yeah. I mean, I have secretly wanted to write mysteries like forever. That’s honestly the reason I started writing. And then some of them I just, you know, have life is, I just took a detour over into romance and that was great. But then I was like, you know, I really want to read a cozy. So it just all came together. Like I was like, you know what, I’m going to change everything over. And Courtney was like, let’s start up a book club. And I was like, let’s do it. So,

Courtny:                       00:17:32           Oh, I’m over on Youtube. Hello, Galen. You’re not late. You’re fine. Hi. And Laura’s halfway through. Um, miracles and murder right now, which is awesome. Yes. I hope that you are loving it. That it’s amazing.

Lisa:                             00:17:53           do you want to read stormy? Do you know stor,y for me?

Courtny:                       00:17:57           Hey stormy, how are you? So she met her best friend on a Facebook, um, chat book challenge group and she’s from West Virginia and we have never officially met, but we messaged back and forth several times a day. And that’s amazing that technology gives you the ability to be able to have that connection with people from all over the world and you’re able to like, I know this sounds so cheesy, you’re able to like connect souls even though you can’t actually see each other every day, which is a wonderful way to, you know, it’s a wonderful way that technology is able to connect people in a way that you would not have been able to do 30 years ago. Like you just would not have been able to do it that way. Yeah. I mean, maybe we would have found each other on a pen pal bulletin board letters like the old AOL group messaging or God messaging, like things like I can, I can totally see that. But the way it is now, it’s a lot easier to be able to really like fall in love and like just have a friendship bloom the way that it is. Danielle says, are you still going to be on the cozy mystery book club? No, I’m not. That’s going to, um, the, with Nicole and Angela over on their channels. So no, this is the, this is the book club that, um, Lisa and I are doing and we’re so excited for all of it. It’s going to be of last

Courtny:                       00:19:25           a stir me. Hi Courtney. I’m Ryan. What kind of cozies should you write? Should I write minus that in a bookstore or would you write, well, I 100%. Like when I was talking to Courtney, when I first met her, I was like, I don’t even understand why people write cozies that aren’t about baking. All of the thinking causes. You guys know, I love my cooking. Cozies they give me all the cravings. Um, I mean there are great cozies about tons of other things, but my whole thing, and pretty much the reason I sent Courtney of baking kids my first gift is because I love baking. And so I think of Courtney didn’t like baking or carbs. I’m not even sure if we would be friends. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah, I made, you know, it’s so sad. I made some chocolate cupcakes for today and I totally forgot I don’t have frosting instead of ever happen.

Courtny:                       00:20:14           So it’s sort of like a Brownie. You can pretend that it’s Brownie. It’s just a cage sized Brownie.

Lisa:                             00:20:20           Dome shaped Brownie.

Courtny:                       00:20:23           I had, I had balaclava so I, Aaron and I love, um, this euro place there. Actually I’m going to be catering for our wedding and so we eat there all the time. And so I got a slice of Balaclava, which is an amazing dessert and I was so excited about it. Like I wanted to bring it here and be like eating it on camera for like the, the coziness of it all. But then I also couldn’t not just eat it right in front of my face. That makes sense. Yeah, 100% Anna. I love my social media friends, especially Bookstagram friends. Y’All get me seriously. It’s really, really hard to find people who get your bookish side don’t really like, it’s really like whenever you’re like crying, sobbing about a character and they’re just like, what’s wrong with you?

Lisa:                             00:21:18           yeah. I don’t even understand. Like I still meet people who just don’t read. I don’t get that. I’m like, what do you need? You don’t need books.

Courtny:                       00:21:26           You don’t read anything? How could you not?

Lisa:                             00:21:29           I mean, I guess on the plus the, I had Netflix and everything else is making more and more TV shows and movies, so maybe they’re like, I don’t want to spoil it. I just want to wait for the movie version. Yeah. I, I guess

Courtny:                       00:21:40           you can do with like hallmarks a mystery and um, their mystery. Yeah. The mystery channel. Yes. I mean, you could always go there too.

Speaker 4:                    00:21:49           Okay.

Courtny:                       00:21:50           We’ve got Barbara, I can’t bake, but I love cozies about baking. And then breeds says, I love cozies with recipes and bookshop cozies but since I’ve also been reading Julia, Bucky Buckley’s, uh, writer apprentice series, I need more writer cause these, that one is an amazing series. Love it so much. So much.

Lisa:                             00:22:12           Tina. I love baking cozies and I’m not a huge knitter or anything, but I love the haunted yard and shop mystery series. It has recipes in the book also, but it is my new favorite. I love the ghost in the book. Yeah, exactly. Stormy. I love baking. Cozies but I am Quito. Oh, that sounds rough. So I need a Quito baking. Cozy. True Story. Yeah. Jade, I was introduced to cozy with Joanne Fluke series, which involves food, but I can’t cook or bake and she probably has one of the most, like if you don’t know cozies used to everyone kind of knows Joanna. Yeah. Um, and how do you not read? I know, right? What’s going on, right? I like bookshop cozies and baking food cozies and other mysteries. Yup. And over on Youtube, I think I’m behind on Youtube comments. Julie finished marigolds and murder in one day. Wow. That’s fast. Yes,

Lisa:                             00:23:07           Cheryl. Hello ladies. I met my best male friend on a dating site. We went out a few days but then realized we were meant to be just friends. He’s now married to a wonderful woman. Nice.

Courtny:                       00:23:16           See, there you go. Aaron and I met online. And so when people that, okay, Noah. So one of my favorite quotes that I posted on the cozy mystery escape, um, uh, Twitter, if you guys saw my Twitter sprint of all of my favorite quotes from the book, one of them was about her Lola creating a dating, um, profile on like the creepy online dating forum. And it was just, that one cracked me up. Huh?

Lisa:                             00:23:46           Oh wait. You know, I didn’t know if you know this, underneath us on crowdcast there’s a thing that’s called ask a question. Um, and the reason it’s there is like if I click the button, start answering, then it will record it. So in theory, if you rewatch this, it’ll have a timestamp of when that question was answered. Um, so new email that says, don’t hear clear universal yet. I’m not sure. Maybe as long as you’re on, um, chrome, you should be able to hear. If not, you can always just head over to my youtube channel and you can hear it maybe over there. It might just be a bad crowdcast connection.

Courtny:                       00:24:18           So yeah, we’ve got, um, Laura Albert, I love how easy access is now to authors and other readers. Maybe authors don’t like being bugged by readers so much and you know what you think Lisa, as an author, do you like being bugged by your, uh, your fans? Like what do you think?

Lisa:                             00:24:38           So I’ve only written romance so far and honestly I don’t have fans, so I know some people have super fans. Um, but I just get like an occasional email. Once in a while I did get an email. I don’t know if anyone noticed to my goodbye videos. I’m like, I fixed the typos cause I did get three emails where people were like, you have typos. Okay, I will fix those. So I did fix those. Um, but so I got those emails and then people were asking where Cinderella too was the sequel. But otherwise I don’t get like I know some authors get like tons of like gifts in like constant idea of constant questions. I feel like. Okay, so

Courtny:                       00:25:16           not actually, not they’re not published or anything. Um, so I’m only saying this from a reader perspective. I will say that the cozy mystery authors and a lot of you guys might be able to agree or disagree, um, cozy mystery authors are way more approachable to me then others, genre authors. I’m not saying it’s because they’re not as popular as like, um, you know, fantasy authors or as Psi Phi authors, I believe they’re just as popular. But I feel like cozy mysteries give it such a cozy homey feeling that you feel as though you’re friends with the authors more and they’re more readily available and more willing to talk to you. I had never ever in my two and a half years of being on book tube, when I reach out to a cozy mystery author, they have reached back out to me within a day. They have asked me how I am as a person and they are super, super thrilled that I took the time out of my day to message them and tell them how much I appreciated them. So I don’t, I guess I’ve never really tried to reach out to more of the, I guess you could say mainstream authors like, um, the Schwab or something like that. I’ve never tried to reach out to them, but I’ve always felt like the, the, the authors of cozy mysteries are just so warm hearted.

Speaker 5:                    00:26:44           Hmm. That’s good. Um, yeah,

Lisa:                             00:26:48           I mean, I would love it if people reached out to me, but I don’t, a lot of people do. So maybe once the cozy mysteries written. Yeah, of course. Obviously. Let’s see. Whoa. Where are we? What do you want to do first? Youtube through youtube.

Courtny:                       00:27:04           Let’s do the youtube first. So Julie Green says Disney one read any of the fashion themed. Cozies they are my faith. I don’t think I’ve read very many fashions seemed cozies how about you, Lisa?

Lisa:                             00:27:17           I have not either. Not on purpose, but yeah, I think that maybe I own the bye bye girls.

Courtny:                       00:27:27           The buy buy girls, which I think is like thrifting and fashion kind of. Um, I own the first three, but I haven’t started them yet. What are, what was your favorite that got you hooked on the fashion ones? Um, so maybe I can check it out, Laura. That’d be great.

Speaker 5:                    00:27:45           Nope.

Lisa:                             00:27:46           These signs I have to read every single day. Yeah, me too. Like I still do. I don’t know if anyone else has this habit, like when junior high or even grade school, you know how like in between if you got your homework done, you could read a book right while you waited for everybody else to get their stuff done. And then study hall. I still do the same thing. If I’m in line, I read a book. If I like am in between stuff, I read a book, but like I just don’t know how I’ll read it. Do you like have to set, designate time? That’s why it’s always funny to me when people are like, how to fit in reading. I’m like, how do you not fit in reading? I’m like, if you’re waiting in the car lines because your Kiddo. Yeah, look like.

Courtny:                       00:28:20           Yeah, I love it. Um, let’s see. I just finished Julia Buckley’s Ryan says a newest death in a Budapest butterfly. Yes. That was in one of my new released videos. Um, and I was really excited to um, to get my hands on that one. I haven’t read it yet. Uh, a lot of people seem to be agreeing that cause you authors are super nice when they email and yeah, they’re very, very sweet. Um,

Lisa:                             00:28:48           what’s worth saying? Brownies can have frosting too. They can, I mean I like brownies better when there’s caramel inside them. I like them with like Pecans or almonds or walnuts. Cream cheese too. Yeah. And I saw that you were reading the Budapest Butterfly and that you were loving it, that you couldn’t put it down. That’s awesome. Lisa is baking a lemon cake this weekend for dad’s birthday. I’m just going to do all the baking comments, so that sounds lovely. Amazing. Oh Sheryl, congratulations on writing your first book in your romance series. Yay. Cozies are also a good way to go to pros and he asks,

Courtny:                       00:29:42           who’s a good cozy mystery? People start with I, she hasn’t read too many. So I have I think two videos on my channel where it’s a top five cozy mysteries for beginners. And in one of them I break it down by like types of cozies you might want to read like the madic cozies like one that’s all about, you know, magic or whether it’s about baking or when that’s about like this or this. Um, and then the other ones just like my top five, like go to this is who you should read type of thing as well. Okay.

Lisa:                             00:30:17           Um, Julie says Gemma Halliday, the high heels series and Laura Levein I mean, I’ve read, this is funny, I’ve read the high heels series. It’s been years. I didn’t realize they were fashion cozies

Courtny:                       00:30:27           yeah, I mean with her heel, I can totally see that. Yeah. I mean, obviously, yeah, clearly I don’t remember the details that series.

Lisa:                             00:30:36           do you want to feel this question? Hawkins are the original Sherlock Holmes mysteries cozies because there’s no staff sex or graphic violence.

Courtny:                       00:30:44           Um, I wouldn’t necessarily call them cozies. I would say that the original cozy mystery author was Agatha Christie with Ms Marble. I would say that Sherlock Holmes, although it doesn’t have sex or graphic violence, it does touch upon, um, a lot more, uh, dark types of murder. Where as like with a Sherlock using cocaine and different things like that, there’s certain topics that aren’t necessarily like banned, better sort of [inaudible] when it comes to cozy mystery authors like when they’re writing. Um, and so I would just say that you could say that Sherlock Holmes is like cozy mystery dark I guess like cause there’s like cozy mystery, light, cozy mystery, dark. And then there’s also cozy mystery like romance where it might be a little bit deeper on the romance between the, um, the protagonist and her love of the series. If did did that answer, I hope that answered.

Courtny:                       00:31:46           Yeah, I think that answered. And then pros and t do the Nancy drew technically count as cozy mysteries because I ate those up as a kid. I love Nancy Jo a hundred percent. It does. It’s like kids cozies. I also have a kids cozies video because I taught middle school in, so my students were always asking what I was reading and I was like, I’m reading a cozy mystery. They were like, well, are those for kids? And I was like, yes, we will see. I will find some, I will find all of them. There’s one called Agatha oddly. If you liked Nancy drew, go look up Agatha. Oddly. She is adorable.

Lisa:                             00:32:23           Oh, what else? They also had weren’t the hardy boys mysteries too.

Courtny:                       00:32:27           Yeah. And then record the topsy twins. The termi twins.

Speaker 5:                    00:32:32           Well, I don’t know [inaudible]

Courtny:                       00:32:34           I read Nancy drew or I didn’t read the boys’ version.

Lisa:                             00:32:38           Well, even on accident, sometimes they had crossover

Courtny:                       00:32:40           episodes or like books. Ah, yes, yes. We’ve got over here, Lin Calhoun’s tours, traps series is her favorite from stormy and the one that got her into cozies. And then Brie says, my very first was Prague with chip murder mystery and then she discovered Amanda Flowers, magical bookshop series. And she’s been hooked ever since. She’s trying to create a fall TBR now. So if anyone has some fall cozies, please send them your way. Okay. I’m not trying to keep pushing, but I also have a fall cozy mystery. A list on my channel.

Lisa:                             00:33:17           Oh, someone wants to know how to spell, I think it’s og. Did you say Ogden? Ogden, the author that you recommended?

Courtny:                       00:33:25           Totally. It’s like, uh, is it, was that on youtube or was it on here?

Lisa:                             00:33:29           It’s on crowdcast. Crowdcast. Okay. It’s oddly the Bobbsey twins. Thank you. Cheryl and Laura. Laura. That’s it. The bobsy twins. I read those too. Did you not read the Bobbsey twins?

Courtny:                       00:33:45           Not, I have no idea who that is. I have no clue. I apparently, you know, deprived as a child.

Lisa:                             00:33:51           I felt like it was a natural progression to go from Nancy drew to the hardy boys to the Bobbsey twins. I don’t know why. Maybe I’ve lost something in my title. I think it’s because at my little town library, that’s how they were set up on the shelves.

Courtny:                       00:34:06           Yes. Okay. Um, are we going to vote for the next book? Yes. So I know that Lisa and I are going to talk about like how we want to put up the voting for the next book. Do you guys want to do it on Twitter where we put that there? Do you guys want it? Um, on Instagram, how do you guys want to do the, the next month’s book with the voting and things like that? Let us let us know. Oh, I love the box car children and insight brown was amazing for good. We’ve got a vote for Instagram because they don’t have a Twitter. So just let us know. Do you like Twitter do you like, so we’ve got two twitters over here on um, [inaudible]

Lisa:                             00:34:56           we have the Facebook group that I just cared cause I’m not a Twitter, Twitter, Twitter person. So I created a Facebook group. But again, I know that not everybody likes Facebook, so I’ll just stick it here in case you guys want to join. So basically I’ll update the Facebook group and then Courtney will be more on our Twitter account.

Courtny:                       00:35:18           Yeah, I do a lot of the, um, I do a lot of the, uh, quotes and like things like that. We’ve got some questions. Uh, Courtney, who’s your favorite cozy mystery author? My favorite cozy mystery author is Ellie Alexander. Um, someone asked, or Danielle asked, how long do you read in a day in one sitting? Uh, do you want to answer that first Lisa and then I can answer it.

Lisa:                             00:35:44           How long did you read in a day? I mean, it really depends. Like I guess I do 10 minutes here or 10 minutes there. I feel like I make it, I have no idea at the time, but I know I make it through a book, like probably two books or three books a week.

Courtny:                       00:35:59           Yeah, it depends. Like sometimes I do binge reads, like where I will literally sit from the moment I wake up in the morning until I go to bed and then I can probably read two and a half, three cozies in one day doing that. Um, but a lot of times it’s just wherever I can grab it. Like at the beginning of the school year, I know that Lisa as a retired teacher will know this. It is exhausting. So by the time you get home, sometimes it’s really, really hard to give the characters in the books attention that they need, that they deserve to have. Cause I would, I hate reading one paragraph and then forgetting what it says as I’m happy to reread it and reread it to like get it to stick because I’ve had a long day. Um, audio books help a lot too. So when I’m driving I will, there’s sometimes I support authors in all three of their ways of formats. I’ll buy it physically and then I’ll buy it on kindle and then I’ll buy it in audio as well. And so with audible, it tracks where I am on my, uh, my actual either one. And so like, it’ll just pop up and it’ll go, oh, you’re on chapter 10. Let me read you chapter 10. It’s fantastic. Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Lisa:                             00:37:15           I’m not really into the audible as much, so I will just this totally unsafe. But I will, if I’m at a red light, I like my phone and then

Courtny:                       00:37:26           drive again. Ooh. I love a pros and t’s suggestion. You all Facebook, Twitter in Instagram and then just tally it up overall.

Lisa:                             00:37:38           Oh yeah. That’s a good idea. That way no one has to worry about missing it. Yes.

Courtny:                       00:37:42           I love her. I think that we’ll just go for that.

Lisa:                             00:37:45           Cause honestly I don’t think there’s a way to vote on Instagram unless it’s about

Courtny:                       00:37:49           whole or [inaudible] has three choices. Right. Cause the multiple choice only lets you do so many. Yeah. And then even then it’s a story. Yeah, exactly. It’s story and then it just goes away. Unless you pin it your, your little circle on your, yeah. Yeah. Um, Cheryl on Youtube says I can’t read more than 45 minutes at a time before the words fall off the page. My eye doctor doesn’t think I needed a new prescription, but I definitely do. Yeah, I can. Um, I feel your pain before I got, so I got new glasses this year, but I got the blue, the blue haze, the little blue filter because I’m on the computer all the time. It makes it really, really nice to read on my phone or on my kindle. I no longer get like that uh, computer headache that you normally get all the time. Do you wear the context like on weekends or ever? I wear contacts when I know that I’m going to do like bulk filming because I know no one wants to see the glare on my glasses is I like my, I like the way I look better with glasses, but um, to try and have like my lights up, like my ring lights specifically, nobody needs to look at that. That’s just annoying.

Lisa:                             00:38:59           No. Like if you get anti-glare glasses, will it still show the diva light ring?

Courtny:                       00:39:04           You know, I don’t know. I was so focused on just getting the blue filter for my headaches that my computer was giving me that I just didn’t even, didn’t even think to ask. But that’s a good question. I should, I should ask that.

Lisa:                             00:39:18           You know, I used to have headaches too, but I didn’t fix them with the blue light so I thought it was on the computer too much and I got the blue screens. And so what happened though is it has to do with having to focus something close up for too long and not focusing far away cause I’m near sighted. So they changed my prescription. So my right eye is supposedly the one that uses the computer cause it’s not corrected as much if that makes sense. Okay. And then the left eye in theory is the one that I drive with. Um, because

Courtny:                       00:39:47           I can’t see far that’s intended.

Lisa:                             00:39:50           Well it’s weird because it actually fixed all my headaches. As soon as he did that I was like, this doesn’t make any sense,

Courtny:                       00:39:55           but it actually works. Yeah. I’m super blind. Like negative 4.5 in this eye and negative 4.75 in this. I like, if I didn’t have my glasses on, my computer would be blurry to me.

Lisa:                             00:40:08           Oh yeah. Mine is like just waiting. I don’t, they keep saying it’ll like even out in your 20s and I’m 45 now and so mine is like seven and a half and this I and like [inaudible]

Courtny:                       00:40:17           that I, yeah, I’m like, I think you’re [inaudible] yeah. So I think we’ve got a couple more questions. Um, do you read physical books? Four or kindle books on a, okay. I read both, but for some reason I read kindle books a lot quicker than I do physical books. I don’t know why you, I like I can turn the page just as fast as I can click the button on my kindle, but I will actually read faster on my kindle than in physical books. I think too, it’s almost like, cause I have the oasis, it’s almost like a contest to like click, click. You don’t know. Doesn’t make any sense. No, I can totally see that. What about you guys? Do you guys read physical books more? Do you guys like your, um, jade? I used to be a physical book Snob, but with my net galley addiction, I’m starting to like kindle better net galley. When they give you those arts, you feel so super cool. Very first art that I got a net galley. I was like, Hey, approved me. Are you serious? That’s amazing. Julie. I’m the same way. Lisa, one contact for off in one closeup. Yeah. It’s who knew? I didn’t even know. Yeah, know Cheryl. She does not look 45 at all. I would’ve put her at age and I’m 29 like right. Speed. Like 100%. I would not have put her at that.

Speaker 7:                    00:41:41           [inaudible]

Lisa:                             00:41:43           Carolyn. I was financial 40, 20, 20. Wow, that’s actually, that’s really good. By 42, I now have progressive lenses like trifocals. Yeah. Yeah. Some people have great vision. Like my boyfriend is 2020 vision and he’s 50. It’s still is perfect. I don’t even know.

Courtny:                       00:41:57           My sister’s eyes get better. I’m not joking. Yeah, no, I’m so salty. When we went in for our, uh, it was the last time we went in to the same doctor. I’m getting my prescription and they go, oh, I’m sorry, your vision got doubly worse. Like my, my prescription went from like negative 2.5 to negative five. And I was like, oh, that’s great. And then my sister walks out like looking all cocky and I’m just like, what? She goes, I don’t have to wear glasses anymore. My Vision’s fine. I only have to read it for driving at night. That’s crazy. I was like, listen Linda, that’s not fair. I’ve never even heard of that. Yeah. I was like, she got the Fed jeans.

Lisa:                             00:42:42           I’ve been farsighted since the fourth grade. Must have glasses on to read anything. Carolina was fine until 40 20th 20 Julie Physical Books More Lisa. I read both kindle in school books at the same time. Both every day. Yeah.

Courtny:                       00:42:53           Yeah. Jayda right here. Yes. I keep requesting and getting approved and now she plans on reading that reading aid. We are a weeding weekend to get through them. And then Dana, I love physical books and I try to read my kindle at night. If I don’t have anything on my kindle at the moment, I use an old hiking headlamp red because of the blue light issues. My vision is also super bad, um, different in both eyes. Ooh, that’s smart. Dana getting the first book in a series on the kindle and then if you like it by the entire series physically, that’s smart. I might have to steal that idea from you.

Lisa:                             00:43:34           So I know he said you’re going to end at five 30, but clearly Courtney and I just love chatting, so just want to like hold you hostage. Well, we did say that we would ask people if there’s anything, someone had a good suggestion that emailed me and asked if think it was Laura and she asked if we could put a puzzle inside of the newsletter. And I’ll be honest, I am not talented enough to create a puzzle, but, um, do you guys have other suggestions?

Courtny:                       00:43:59           Yeah. What would you love to see in the, um, the monthly cozy escape newsletter? Like do you guys want, would you oh, recipes. Danielle. That’s a really good, that’s a really good suggestions. So we’ve got recipes. Um, if we could get an interview with the author of the book that we’re reading, what kind of questions would you might want to ask? Said author or would you guys want to read? Um, like a short snippet interview with an author in the newsletter as well. Let us know. I think that that would be awesome. Oh, Lisa says puzzle maker will help you create a puzzle.

Speaker 6:                    00:44:41           Hmm.

Lisa:                             00:44:42           Might have to look that up. Okay. We’ve got, I love the video interview idea. Okay. You know, it’s weird though. So I do interviews on both of my channels and those are 100% the least viewed videos. And my theory is that even though people want videos, videos are best for podcasting. And when you come to youtube, you’re like, I’m so bored listening to this, like quiet Q and. A. I think I just don’t, I just don’t, 100% interviews are always like the least watched on my channel. Do you find that too or no? I would. I, I would say that

Courtny:                       00:45:20           actually the least watched video on my channel is my book of the month. Why a on boxing and my sips by unboxing. Yeah. Yeah. No, that’s my least viewed videos, which then I feel really sad about because then I’m like, can you guys not want me to do them anymore? Cause I get excited about my t but if you’re not excited about my tea, I don’t want to like force it on you.

Lisa:                             00:45:41           Maybe that’s because we can’t drink it. It has to be through the screen. Like a cupcake right now. It’s pushing it. What flavor do you have right now? Oh, it is. Um, the uh,

Courtny:                       00:45:53           orange blossom by the Republic of tea. It doesn’t have any caffeine, but it is amazing. It smells, it smells so good. It’s like so citrusy and perfect and I love it

Lisa:                             00:46:08           that we’ve got, Anna says recipes, interviews, continuing mini mysteries

Courtny:                       00:46:15           like you and I could write a mini mystery together and like do little snippets.

Lisa:                             00:46:20           They don’t even know what that means. But what? Like a moon look, we’re like a short story that’s like less than like, I dunno, less than like 250 characters or something. And it just like continues every month. Oh, like flash fiction. I’ve never heard of that. Sure. I don’t, it’s this concept that came out that like flash fiction, I don’t know if it means you write it really fast or it just means like you read it really fast. It’s like in a flash or something and like research that, um,

Courtny:                       00:46:51           Danielle, I love the fact that you sectioned out which chapters to read each week. It made it more fun and easier to plan. That was a hundred percent Lisa’s idea. And I loved it. It was wonderful.

Lisa:                             00:47:02           Stormy, I don’t take any tea, but plain old black tea. You know what I do like, so I have black pee, but mine is chocolate rocket. I only get cheap pretty much now from David’s tea and this is like chocolate raspberries and black tea. So it’s kind of like a dessert that the calories,

Speaker 6:                    00:47:18           yeah.

Courtny:                       00:47:19           Let’s see. On Facebook. Um, I’m not subscribed to your emails, but I would love to read interviews with authors. I’ll have to subscribe to the newsletter. They liked the author feature. Uh, let’s see. Yes, on the mini eye it says they’re like cereals from back in the day. Oh, cereals from back in the day. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I know what you’re talking about. Flash fiction. We’ve got one that says under 500 words and then the other one says it means under a thousand words.

Lisa:                             00:47:51           Huh? Pros in tea? I like tea. Of course you do?

Courtny:                       00:47:54           Yeah. Are you guys doing going to do weekly discussions or just the monthly one about the book? Um, right now we’re just doing them monthly live stream about the book, but I mean, I love working with Lisa, so whatever we can, we can do and everything like that. I think that we’re going to start slow and then see, see where it goes and how it takes us. But if you guys aren’t subscribed already to lease a Latte, you need to, we have eight questions. Oh goodness. Let’s see. You click them and see, or can only I see that and I’m like, no, I can see them. But some of them don’t, aren’t actually a question. And then I think that they’re, uh, they’re not, some of them are questions, but other ones are not.

Lisa:                             00:48:37           Do you want to, you can answer them and just click this start answering button.

Courtny:                       00:48:41           Oh, look at you go. Okay. Let’s see. I think, hm.

Lisa:                             00:48:53           Not the best at this because I don’t think I have the start answering button. Oh, okay. I’ll do it. Um, okay. So the first question, um, Courtney, what is, who is your favorite cozier out there? Which you answered? Yes. Ellie Alexander’s. So let’s move on. Uh, someone just said, Jane said Trixie Belden. Um, oh, I see. Jane said Instagram. Gotcha. Jane said physical books better, but I do read kindle. Oh, I see what she said. Do you read physical books more in keynote? We answered that. Danielle, how long do you read in a day? We answered that. Recipes. Love that idea. And then Jen Jane said Trivia about the book.

Courtny:                       00:49:30           That’s a good idea. I like the Trivia about the book. Um, stormy says a story that is to be continued so that the readers will stay tuned for your next newsletter. I like that you get them caught in and then they wait for the next one. That sounds awesome.

Lisa:                             00:49:47           Haagen said Sweet Potato Pie. Not really sure what we’re talking about, but it sounds right.

Courtny:                       00:49:52           It says baking recipes up at the top was, yeah, I see what you’re doing there. Yes. Lisa subscribes to Lisa today.

Lisa:                             00:50:02           Awesome. Cheryl Gilmore. I always love your tea recommendations. Courtney. Thank you. Carolyn. Yes. On the mini, like the serials, flash fiction counts is under 500 words. Thanks. Yup. That’s a short story. That is like, I can’t even do, that’s why I can’t do Twitter. Can’t

Courtny:                       00:50:21           and keep it year 240 or whatever. [inaudible]

Lisa:                             00:50:25           I gotta be real. I don’t think the fiction is going to happen.

Courtny:                       00:50:28           I can’t like, I’m just too wordy clearly. Cause it’s like five 51 and we said we’d be done in 30 minutes. So yeah, we did. And it’s like, it says we’ve been live for 50 minutes and 33 seconds. Yeah. Chatting.

Speaker 6:                    00:50:43           Good.

Courtny:                       00:50:46           Um. All right, so stormy got to go by. Yeah, we are so over your time at a percent by stormy.

Lisa:                             00:50:56           Oh also I don’t know if you guys know this. So Tim, I romance reader or writers, I used to send out a, I sent out a monthly planner and then it has recipes in the back, which I’m sure you’re like why are you sending us baking recipes? I’ve been doing this for like a year. Does anybody want a monthly planner

Courtny:                       00:51:13           or no would that would be cool like having the planner, like you could break down your reading and like different things like that. And then we can include not only recipes that we find but also like the recipes at the end of the books. I always have, like I have the recipe at the end of this book is the, as lcs, sugar and spice Pumpkin bread, which looks to die for.

Lisa:                             00:51:37           So my only problem with recipes is I don’t know why. I think I’m like still like a small child. I can’t bake something unless I see a picture of it.

Courtny:                       00:51:46           Hmm. You need a picture of that expectation. You eat with your eyes, so that might, that might be right. Then I’d be fixable. Alex look races that she would love a planner. Barbara said yes to the planner. Oh my goodness. We’re having yeses to the planners,

Lisa:                             00:52:01           so I’ll add a section in there. Everyone can create their TDR for the month and then you can keep track of the books that you read, like check them off.

Courtny:                       00:52:08           Yeah, that would be awesome. I love the idea of addiction to checklist check boxes. I don’t know why. I love my bullet journal. Yeah,

Lisa:                             00:52:17           sometimes I know this is weird. I even if I do something and it wasn’t on the checklist my to do, I will add it after I’ve done it so I can check it off.

Courtny:                       00:52:28           Accomplished something. Ashley Presnell says that she’s all for the planner and that she loves them when she got them from you before.

Speaker 6:                    00:52:36           Awesome.

Courtny:                       00:52:38           Yes. Raise your hand if you’re all type a personalities over here. Yes. Could you do it with a star review or a book review section to jade asks? I can do that. Like, like have all five stars and then they color in like I can, oh Stacy says maybe put the next month book options in the newsletter.

Speaker 6:                    00:53:06           Huh?

Lisa:                             00:53:07           I don’t know that we’ll know cause are so, it’s a weird, cause our newsletter comes out on the 15th

Courtny:                       00:53:12           [inaudible] theory picked a, um, a book already. Yeah.

Lisa:                             00:53:17           Oh, someone on Youtube. SEO. So here’s the link for the news letters line up.

Speaker 6:                    00:53:24           Okay. Oh yeah.

Courtny:                       00:53:26           Prison t totally dms with recipes. Yeah, I’m totally down for that. Cecilia love the Book Review Section. Cool.

Lisa:                             00:53:36           You know I am actually, I did, it’s funny, I have these bullet journal videos. I taught like a course on it. I even, um, the road, what’s that Romance Channel? I’m so bad. Bliss reads like, pay me to do a video on bullets or link, but I’m like really bad at bullish. Like I’m a bad illustrator. So like I’m like, if you’re a bad drawer, like [inaudible]

Courtny:                       00:53:57           me just print things out and my solution. Jade, in the newsletter, could you have the next month book suggestions or book theme so we can research them before we vote? Maybe that way we’re prepared. Oh, okay. So for the next month, so like on the 15th of September we would put October’s picks that you could pick from and then that way you guys can read about them before you vote on the last week of the month. Does that make sense?

Lisa:                             00:54:32           Okay. I guess, I mean maybe we could pick, I think she saying themes too. Like cause so maybe we could pick ’em I know I’m just throwing this out there. So like fall season we pick, I dunno, culinary cozies winter we pick baking cozies spring we pick

Courtny:                       00:54:50           bookstore cozies I dunno. Would you guys want to do like, um, seasonal cozies like for like the first year of our, um, of our book club. And so during the first, like during those three months we picked those types of cozies. Like what do you guys think about that idea? Ooh, we have a lot of instant yeses and sures and,

Speaker 8:                    00:55:13           okay.

Lisa:                             00:55:13           I will be living for winter when we can do baking.

Courtny:                       00:55:17           Yes. Awesome. I’m loving it. So we’re hitting the hour mark. Do you guys have anything else that you guys want to talk about? We don’t want to take up too much of your time.

Lisa:                             00:55:33           So do you asking what about continuing a series? I don’t know. I always feel bad in a book club because what if you joined midstream and then you didn’t read? That’s like two books you have to read.

Courtny:                       00:55:42           Yeah, I feel bad about that. Like I’m always down to, if we completely loved the series, like we loved that first book in the series. If you guys want to do like a buddy read on the side, like if you fall in love with uh, the marigolds and murder, if somebody wants to do like a buddy read with me for the second one, we could do that, but it not actually be part of the, um, the cozy mister or the book club. So Jade’s asking what’s a buddy read? So a buddy read is where you might have just one person or maybe a couple of people who are reading the exact same book as you and you start a, um, a discord stream. Or maybe you’re on Voxer or maybe you’re in text messages if you don’t, if you’re fine with giving someone your cell phone number and then you guys break up the book, it’s sort of like a mini book club with just like two or three other people and then you get to talk about what you’re reading as you read it. Um, it’s more of a like a live as you’re reading it type of book in a way. Did I explain that right? Yeah. Yeah. I think that that’s how to explain it, but it’s a group text message. Yeah, a group text message about the book that you’re reading.

Lisa:                             00:56:58           Yeah, I did say too in the newsletter or my videos, but don’t worry, like I always worry about this. Do I think people don’t show up for book clubs because they didn’t finish the book? Like don’t worry. We’ll recap the book for you as soon as we start on Wednesday.

Speaker 6:                    00:57:12           Okay.

Lisa:                             00:57:12           So you can still participate. Plus we obviously get off track and I might just start talking about cupcakes,

Courtny:                       00:57:18           which is 100% acceptable. I understand. Jade said, since the group is on Facebook, could it be a fit in a Facebook thread? The buddy read? Yeah, you could totally do that. Yeah, we could totally do that 100% and you could just post on the, on the community board like, Hey, I really, really love this month’s book. Does anybody want a buddy? Read the second book with me and then we could start that thread for you guys and you have it going and everything like that. That’s 100% a uh, yes. We could totally do that.

Lisa:                             00:57:56           Um, oh, so two questions. I think it might be Jane again in the question section. Yeah. Courtney, how many animals do you own?

Courtny:                       00:58:02           Four. Okay. And cleo is adorable. That’s all.

Speaker 6:                    00:58:11           Um,

Lisa:                             00:58:12           Gina, I heard a cool way to do it recently. Another book tuber annotates the book then sends it to her buddy to read and annotate and send back. Ooh,

Courtny:                       00:58:22           that could be fun. But that would have to be like one person, one on one person, and then you’d have to be cool with not reading the book at the same time and then doing the postage to send it. But that can be fun.

Lisa:                             00:58:38           A book exchange could be cool too. Oh, you know what? I really like, I don’t even know if we even how, where people are located, but I love book exchanges where Courtney and I did this once. We did a book exchange

Courtny:                       00:58:49           [inaudible] we did and it was fun.

Lisa:                             00:58:52           Oh, you know what we should do. Does anybody like the idea? I just thought of this of a secret Santa where we pair you guys up and then you have to secret Santa a mail out books

Courtny:                       00:59:02           to that person. Yes, because you guys, we have coast miss in December, which I need to talk to you about Co’s. Miss Lisa. Okay. But yes, so that could be a part of Co’s missed this year.

Lisa:                             00:59:16           Secrets and I like getting stuff. I think Courtney and I loved that, like secretly got the other person would like,

Courtny:                       00:59:22           oh yeah. Because then it also is like how did, did they think of like how they thought of you? Like one, what part of your personality made them think that that book was for you? That’s fun. So I, one is, I see on both youtube and on the crowdcast yes. On the books, both exchange and secret Santa.

Lisa:                             00:59:46           Yes. Secret Santa Cheryl. I just signed up the newsletter and the candles or send the book. The only thing is I don’t have the kindles. I don’t read it on my phone. So if you’re on my phone or laptop, I only have a Kobo. You know, I only bought a kindle literally like a few weeks ago. Like I’ve never owned one my whole life, so I think it’s fine. Like I read it sometimes on my iPad too on the app. So

Courtny:                       01:00:09           yeah. Yeah. See, and I have a kindle. I and I don’t have like a kindle fire or anything. Like I have the Paperwhite kindle that can only have books because I don’t think the distractions of the social media apps like tip top or Instagram or Twitter, I actually put my phone on do not disturb and put it on the other side of my room to charge while I read my kindle in bed. Yeah.

Speaker 6:                    01:00:33           Yeah.

Lisa:                             01:00:34           You know, I’ve been so much more productive. Like I had this coaching session with my friend and so the number one thing is my phone. So I’ve literally, I’ve checked it once in a while, but I’ve turned it off between nine and five and I only give myself like one or two like breaks. And I’ve been so much more productive just in general. Yeah. Wait, so there is a discord where we all congregate. So pros and t there is a Facebook group, so we can,

Courtny:                       01:01:00           do you want to put that link in on Facebook or on the, um, on the youtube one? I think you put it on, uh, here in the discourse or in the um, crowdcast one. Uh, the Facebook group. No knock off, you know the Facebook group share that one to the youtube. Oh, okay. Yeah. No, and Lisa is amazing with all of her graphics. Like they just screen cozy and it’s amazing. I love them.

Courtny:                       01:01:33           Oh, I swear I put it up there. I don’t see if I need to, oh, I saw it. Oh there it is. I’d have to scroll down is like where Lisa and I post our different, like just different cozy things going on and um, live streams and then like, it’s also a way for you guys to have a place to actually get together and congregate. Like you can’t really do that on Twitter. It’s not like on Twitter is where all posts like the like how to vote for the different things, but we’re doing that on Facebook as well. So on all of those you’ll be able to vote on the next month’s book. But Facebook sort of like your home, it’s like your, it’s just like your little niche and then, or niche, I don’t know how to say that word, whichever way they’re both good. Yeah. And then Twitter’s like those, those quick things. Like, here’s a quote that I really like and here’s a gift that goes with that quote kind of thing. You can get in a lot more depth on the Facebook one. And I will say if you’re on my cozy mystery Facebook group, I’m a horrible failure when it comes to Facebook. And I hope you forgive me.

Courtny:                       01:02:39           I’m not even on Twitter really. So we pair really nicely together. Yeah.

Courtny:                       01:02:47           all right, well I don’t know. What’s everyone doing after this? I am going to go watch a hallmark movie and enjoy my cupcakes. Yes. Hi Courtney. I am going to read, um, double trouble, which is the sixth book in the London. Love it. A firefly junction series. She sent me an advanced reader copy and actually Kay spoiler, so her main character from that series and um, pink from this series meet in this book and read it. It’s amazing. I love it so much. I’m trying to like, not to like binge read it. Yeah, no, no, no. It’s not the same time. They’re on opposite sides of the country, but there’s a reason why Lisa r a y m pink lacy and Lola are in, um, are in a, let me see. Yes, are in firefly junction. Like there’s a reason why they’re there, but it’s so cool. But it’s a crossover, like it’s so awesome. So I’m hoping to probably finish that book tonight. Cool. What are y’all doing? Um, there’s my new book, the accidental life swap. Barbara has the hallmark channel on the background. Cool shade. I love book crossovers and Julie Watching a Roti Garden. I love her word. She Garden. I’m all caught up unfortunately. Cheryl says, I think I’ll start reading the book. Y’All, you all are talking about, you told totally a hundred percent Dana reading in puppy cuddles.

Courtny:                       01:04:29           Love it. Well I wanna thank you guys so much for coming in, hanging out with us for an hour. I know it was like double our time, but I had a blast. Yeah. I’m so excited to meet everybody and I’m so excited to just talk about cozies now, but my real self come through, it’s, it’s going to be so, so awesome. I’m so glad that you guys came by and hung out with us. It’s amazing. All right guys. Bye everyone. Have a good night. Stay cozy.